Yo-oh! I know I shouldn’t be typing this while I’m at work, but there are too many things floating in my head now so in fear of losing them, I decided to dump them here.

I want to list out the many things that I aim to accomplish in my life, whether sooner or later. This is in a way, giving myself a direction and some moments to look forward to. I suggest you sit down and do the same; ask yourself what do you want to do in your life.

Here’s mine, in no particular order:

1. Sky diving
2. Walk on a bridge at some scary ass height — the type that makes you wanna shit bricks
3. Do a handstand
4. Do a back flip
5. Throw a 3 pointer shot
6. Write and deliver my own success speech in a formal event (speaking to a small group of friends does not count!)
7. One act of heroism (Bonus: Earning a bravery award)
8. Work 2 jobs for at least a month or more
9. Dance on top of a table
10. Form my dream team and keep them everlasting
11. To be able to say’ “I’m good at Mathematics.”
12. To be able to say, “I can dance.”
13. To be able to say, “I can sing… selected songs though.”
14. Get a lean and sexy abs
15. Make a guy cry because I’m so awesome
16. Sit on a roof top to watch the sky
17. Fall in love and be loved.

Things I’ve accomplished:
1. Long distance driving on my own. 4 ~ 5 hours plus which I had just achieved last week with my pinkie car. Woot!
2. Swimming (can’t look good while at it but it’s something…)
3. Travel overseas alone (Japan on my own, like 3 manly times!)

Ok, I better stop here and check on my work. More dumping to be done another time.

Ultimately, I want to live a meaningful life.

… What about you?

Following up to my last post, life is still filled with clusterfuck but no worries, things are getting better each time. I’m glad that my mind is powerful enough to counter negative thoughts and curve around situations.

Now I feel like ranting however in a non-specific story telling. Just gonna leave a list of advices for myself next time and for you, in case you are searching for wisdom to deal with the shit at your end.

Here goes:

The jealousy and insecurity over a guy who doesn’t seem to pay attention to you in the first place – You can either fight for his attention to notice you or wish the other puta(s) gets hit by a car or simply drop out of existence. Making ill wishes upon others is despicable and cancer for your brain cells so I won’t even tell you to indulge in such fantasies. As for doing your best to get his attention, it’s based on your discretion. If you know you have been overthinking and jumping to conclusions about him and that puta, go and make things clear. But if deep down in your heart you don’t feel he has interest in you, walk away. By right you should be turned off with him if he doesn’t show interest in you so why hang around? Set your heart free for the next guy.

The only time you are wrong is when you didn’t believe that you’re right – In conjunction with the above, there is a reason why the quote “Trust in your instinct” is overused. Because it’s fucking true. Unless you are a 10 year old kid, you won’t have enough experience to hone your instinct. But if you’re in your 20s, you should have been learning about the shit in life, enough for your gut feelings to sniff the dump from kilometers away.

The grass on the other side is greener than yours – You feel you’re not being good enough for anything while others have what you desire. This is a helpless feeling that occurs from time to time. Either you could not perform as good as the other or you have talent but people preferred the prettier face. It’s like the world is against you and despite your hardwork, the world favors someone whom you won’t deem as worthy. Well, it’s 2017. Why should you care if the grass is greener? You should have your own goals which usually no ones shares the same. You can have a green grass but I have a pink grass with sunflowers so screw your greenies.

Be glad to have brains instead of just a pretty face – Speaking of a pretty face, you should be happy that you have brains rather than being an eye candy because with the ability to think, you’ll be able to tell yourself that you need to go on a diet and how to dress up to look drop dead gorgeous. Basicallly, you can teach yourself how to look good so what is the fucking problem?

Friends – Friends who were not there in your bad days but are present to applaud you on your good days aren’t really your friends. Friends who were not there in your time of need and didn’t congratulate you for your success are also definitely not your allies.

I thought I would have plenty to rant but I can’t seem to think of anymore right now. You see, these were my shower thoughts and I had a string of ponders and conversation with myself hence decided to dump them here before they vanish.

I guess this is all for now. Until I remember or have more to ramble, take good care and lots of love!

Good day, everyone! I’ve just celebrated my 29th birthday yesterday. It was a small celebration filled with laughters and smiles. Nothing much to comment on my birthday other than life is probably annoyed that I’m still alive and hustling.

The sad thing is I can’t say the same for Auwlithe. My baby, alas, passed away last month on the 12th. It was a huge blow for me and I was really depressed, even until today, I cannot live with the fact that my four-legged buddy is no longer by my side.

On his final day, before putting him to sleep, for once in months, he could finally smile.

The night before was the hardest for me as I had to tell him what I was going to do to him. He seemed to understand and that made me tear up all night till the next day. I carried the semi-paralyzed dog in my arms and showed him around the house and his usual spots. We listened to some songs together, just like we always did while I annoyed him with some dumb jokes and teased him.

Just typing a few words about this is already building up tears in my eyes. I really miss him and felt bad that I had to put him to sleep rather than allowing him to live up to every beat of his heart. I was torn between ending his misery and to let him live in that state as long as he could.

He was crying for days. It pained me to helplessly console him when I couldn’t aid him. I felt weak and useless. I still think to myself, perhaps I didn’t try enough. I for one, who always believed there is always a way, could not do anything after all.

With the absence of Auwlithe, I feel I have no reason to come home so I stay out on my own a little longer, wandering and straying with the company of only my thoughts.

Other than still mourning over the lost of Auwlithe, well to be fair, there are pleasant days every now and then. Some days of watching people as though they are pets having fun with one another, interesting ideas for the mind to toy with and so on.

Unrequited feelings, shallowness, detachments, self-loath… It’s like a whole clusterfuck going on. On some days, I stay as cocky as my pride and on other days, I feel ugly about myself and doubt the compliments of others. On my own, I can feel a bit beautiful at times but I get dubious when a few people compliment my looks and capabilities. As I’m usually right, motives follow after compliments and that leads me to believe people are dishonest. It’s funny if only one or two says you’re pretty while others are silent about it.

Anyway, enough with the negative and dark thoughts. I do have some rather positive news coming my way. Today, I was given a glimpse of my next stepping stone to improve my current state of living. This is something that may only materialize next month therefore, in order not to jinx up, I shall stay silent and focus on making this happen.

Hahaha, make it or break it! >:D

Chapter Auwlithe

Posted by: Ms Ayain Diary of Ashes, Ms Aya's Papers

Auwlithe seemed a little better today. He could not only stand up but he could walk a little rather than scrambling his paws like a new born fawn all over to only fall on his belly or worse, into the drain. My four legged buddy was pretty much in a miserable state for the passed few days whereby he couldn’t get up at all. He was like a vegetable; immobile and wetting himself like he was drowning in guilt and helplessness.

I had seen how ashamed he was each time he had to pass motion without his control. It has been this way for almost 5 months now and each day, he deteriorated and stripped of his freedom and capabilities. He used to be so plump and healthy but now he looks like Christian Bale in The Machinist which is so saddening to look at. It is indeed a slow pain in the heart to watch something or someone you love to lose a part of themselves each day.

By seeing that Auwlithe was a little better, I decided to take him outside of the house to give him fresh air and a familiar view to reminisce. “Auwlithe, let’s go out for awhile!” I exclaimed while opening the gate and then noticing him trying to keep up with me. I held his cheeks to check if he was alright to have spotted some dirt in his eyes. “Wait here, I’ll get a tissue to clean your face,” and off I went in to quickly emerge with a tissue in hand. I wiped his eyes and as usual, he would shake his head in annoyance. “How come your eyes are dirty again?! It’s not good, you know!” I nagged while Auwlithe continued to shrugged.

I binned the tissue and then ushered for Auwlithe to walk with me. However, the poor skinny dog was struggling to walk at my pace. So I lifted him up in the air, just like Rafiki holding baby Simba in his hands to show the glory of the pride. “Express! Let’s go!”

I carefully placed Auwlithe down the road where he used to happily roam. I really wanted him to feel that familiar freedom again as he has not been able to venture out for a very long time. I stood beside him hoping that he remembers his favorite spot but instead, he seemed lost and uncomfortable. I squatted down to his level, “Hey, you ok?” I studied his facial expression and his body. Auwlithe’s legs were shaky and in discomfort. Immediately I could tell that the road was too harsh for his already fragile paws so I quickly carried him back to our house.

I placed him down on our tiles and he stood still, eyes wandering around. We used to have many nights of just roaming outside our home together. Auwlithe would be too busy burying his nose and attention into the fresh soil of the earth while I had my eyes set on the infinite sky, in search of glittering stars.

Auwlithe slowly dragged his legs back to the house and waited for me at the gate. He still does the same cue of telling me, “I’m done. I’ll go in first.”

He always had some sort of attitude to which I became accustomed to. So much I would hate for it to end.

After I was contented with the night sky, I followed Auwlithe back into the house and held on to my buddy.

“You’re my sunshine, my only sunshine.” I begun to sing into his ears.
“You make me happy, when skies are grey. You never know dear, how much I love you” I continued with hiccups.
“So please don’t take…” tears began building around the corner of my eyes.

“… my sun shine away.” I rested my forehead on Auwlithe’s, a ritual of ours each time we had to part ways, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.

I withdrew from Auwlithe just to see his face. He looked tired at the same time, wanting to walk a little more with me. He had been lying down the whole day so I guess he needed to move a little more to overcome his bedsore.

I went into the living hall and had to close the door on him for the day. “I love you, Auwlithe.” I mumbled as I slowly close the grill. Auwlithe stood for awhile to slowly parked himself at the door, a place where he makes me and my family feel so secured with his protection.
I thought of reaching home early to play video games but after seeing Auwlithe like this, I decided to spend my time with him and writing about him as I can’t tell how much of time we have left.
Hence, this post.

How can one feel this way for a dog, a mere creature? I won’t be the only animal lover who will express this sort of feelings for pets as many of us who have bonded with animals will eventually treat them like humans. After all, people are also mere creatures. A little more intelligence does not equate for better value and sentiments.
Auwlithe had been with me in my lonely years and comforted me more than anybody. He may not be able to give me advices or take me out for fun but his loyalty to me was sufficient and comforting enough.

If I cannot love a pure hearted animal, how can I bring myself to love a human being filled with swaying motives?