Sheep’s Dictionary

Posted by: Ms Ayain

Welcome to Sheep’s Dictionary Page!

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This page interprets certain phrases and text emoticons that are commonly used by sheep. After all, behind this diary is a sheep therefore — It’s only natural if you do not understand what the sheep is trying to indicate and say. (Laughs)

Having that said, behold — Sheep’s Dictionary~!

I hope that this page will help you explain sheep’s symbols, phrases and text emoticons. If this page is not enough, then I don’t know what is. Baa~ <u_u>



[ . . . ] - Short pause/Silence/Thinking

* – If there’s a red asterisk at the front of a word, that means there will be further explanation about it at the bottom of the blog post.

¹,²,³ – When there are too many words/statements that needs emphasis and more information, numbers will be used instead of an asterisk.

- Very important note/reminder.

[?] – I put this question mark in brackets at the end of words/statements which I’m unsure of. So if you see this, don’t take my words or accusation seriously for I’m uncertain about it myself.

or - To express tone of joyfulness.

– To express fondness and likings.

– Expresses lots of energy and high in spirits! In other words, GENKI!

!! Insert action !! - To express extremeness in my actions. The actions in brackets and italics are rather minor. So if I were to type !! Angry !! — That means I’m really angry! (Grins)

←↑→↓↔ - Oh come on! Don’t tell me you don’t understand arrows! If sheep can fathom out arrows, why can’t you? Sheesh~! <`A´>/


Kansai Words used by Sheep

Akan - “Wrong/Must not/No good!/Oh no!”

Eraikotcha – Kansai word for ‘Shimatta’ which means “Oh my goodness!”. This word expresses shock.

Hona – “Anyway.”

-hun - Kansai suffixes for ‘-san’.

Mokarimakka - “How’s business?”

Ookini – Kansai word for ‘Arigato’ which means “Thank You!”



Baa - A sheep bleats. You may not noticed this on your own earlier but I usually bleat whenever I’m not sure what to say next. It’s sort of a habit that helps me stall time before I register and digest inputs. (Laughs nervously)

Holy zen! - It’s like I’m saying “Holy Cow!” I heard this quote from Chipp Zanuff in Guilty Gear Midnight Carnival and ever since then I got apt to this word.

Nuu - “No.”

Nupo! - Equivalent to “NOoo!” This is not a Japanese word by the way. It’s a made-up word by Mau-chan if I remember correctly. <^-^>lll

O~wie – Pitiful tone of saying “Ouch!”



Most of them are explained here: Guide to Text Emoticons and Chibi Facial Expressions!

But I’ll create a much more simple list some other time. Sorry!

[ . . . ]

This is all for the time being. Sheep will update this page every now and then. Ok?

Ja — Saraba! \<^x^>/