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In this page, Aya will answer all possible questions relating to her blog.


General Questions About Aya and The Blog

Who is Ms.Aya?
Ms.Aya is the initial blogger of PaperDiaries. She hails from Malaysia and writes whatever comes to her mind.

What is PaperDiaries all about?
This blog is like a diary and journal to Aya. She also writes reviews and tutorials.

Submiting Comments to the Blog

Am I allowed to share my opinions using the comment’s area?
Yes, you are more than welcome to share your opinions. However, please keep your manners at a moderate level and do not flame others.. and Aya! She will not tolerate unnecessary riots and she has the rights to blacklist you from the blog. Aya on her part will do her best not to offend you and others.

Where do I submit my comments?
On the blog entries that you want to comment on.

I want to comment but there isn’t a button or link that leads me to the comment form. What do I do?
Some blog themes that Aya uses has no button to the comment field however, you can still comment by clicking on the title of the post that you wish to comment on. Scroll down after the page is loaded and you should be able to see the comment field there.

I submitted a comment to your entries but I don’t see it. I tried again but to no avail. What happen to my comment?
If it is your first time submitting a comment to PaperDiaries, naturally it will not appear until Aya moderates and approves you manually. After going through her moderation process, the next time you submit a comment, it will be visible without the need of Aya’s consent. However, if your comment contains links, then that comment will have to go through her approval beforehand.

Ms.Aya’s note: PaperDiaries is protected by a cut-throat anti-spam system, Akismet. So don’t be stupid to spam unnecessarily, ok? (Laughs)

I successfully submitted a comment but how come only a few of my text appear? What happen to my full comment?
Inserting “>” and “<” will result to publishing a comment with missing texts. This is due to the usability of HTML in the comment’s area. So please do not insert “>” and “<”.

Is there any restriction in stating my opinions?
Other than racial issues and indecent proposes to Aya and the others, no. You’re not restricted.

Can I address Aya by her real name?
No, please refrain from calling Aya by her real name in this blog. Even if you know her in person or closely associated with her, do not use her real name here for she does not want to encourage others to get too personal with her.

Other Random Questions

I don’t understand what “Eraikotcha” and “Nupo!” means. I also don’t understand her emoticons such as <OAO> and <—ω—>. What do they mean and imply?
There’s a page called “Sheep’s Dictionary”. You’ll learn her daily usage of words and emoticons in that section.

Can I link to PaperDiaries?
Asking for permission to link to PaperDiaries is like asking whether you can go to toilet… Of course you can! Don’t need to ask, just go ahead! If you want to add PaperDiaries banner, here’s the link to the image: http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l389/paperdiaries/BlogTheme/PaperDiariesBanner.jpg

This is how the banner looks like: ↓

I visited the old blog and I notice that there isn’t a single post from Ms.Aya. How come?
Aya deleted all her entries. You know, when she goes berserk — she indulges in deleting things. Why? Nobody knows.

What happen to Mira’s old post and tutorials?
They have been remove because Aya does not own her entries and will not use her contents in her absence.


May this page be of great assistance to you. <^x^>/

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Thank you for visiting PaperDiaries. It’s very much appreciated. <^x^>/