The X-Files Movie (2008)

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Mood - Relax

24th July 2K8, Wednesday – 8:19+pm.


Yo~oh everyone~! \<•v•>/

This is Ms.Aya reporting again~♥! (Laughs)

I wonder… Did any of you receive emails from sheep? <.___.>{?]

I hope you all did. But if you wish for sheep to stop spamming your inbox with news and stuffs… Remember, just email back with the subject line: NO more emails for me.

\<^ε^>/ Baa~☆

Etoh… Looks like Mira is too busy, na? Well… I don’t have much to report on my side except that I went out with my family to watch ‘The X Files Movie‘. ↓

Before the previews even started

Before the previews even started

The X Files Movie

The X Files Movie (2008)

I must say — I’m quite disappointed with the outcome of this movie. You see, I’m an X-files fan. I used to watch every episodes when I was a little girl and so what if I get nightmares? I just love it! \<^v^>/

Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) was one of the first characters I used to adore (I still do!). And Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) was one of the most steady characters I ever came across! Unlike those typical ladies who flirts a lot and worse, emotionally break down whenever they can.

Take the Korean, Japanese and Chinese female characters for an example. They are full of tears, blank stares and self pity. Every time their boy friends take a step away from them, they end up in the hospital. How dramatic can it get?

TV shows nowadays… (Sigh) <_ _>lll

As for flirting, Dana Scully never does that. She’s too good to be bed by anyone other than Mulder. (Laughs)

Anyway.. Back to topic.. On the X files movie…

There’s nothing paranormal and phenomenal in this movie. No aliens, UFOs, were wolves, weird creatures, sickos — Okee.. There were a couple of sickos.. They are homosexuals hence sickos. <+__+>lll

When it comes right down to it, it’s just not as bizarre as it used to be. There’s no more Cancer man, coward Krycek and so on to make the show interesting. They died in the series, remember? <.___.>{?]

You will, however, find a couple of trademarks in the movie. Like the fact that Mulder still darts his pencils up the ceiling, still is stubborn, still persistent about searching for his long lost sister though he already know she’s dead.. And how can we forget? ↓



This poster is still pinned against his wall. His sister’s photo is still around too! \<OAO>/


I don’t want to spoil the movies with my bias opinions to you all so… Go ahead and watch the movie if you please. <^-^>/

I just hope that our local media will air the whole episodes of X-files again. I remember the first episode has something got to do with the insect bites though. (Laughs)

Ok, I need to go now. Thank you for your time.

… Oh! Speaking of weird creatures, my brother and I are keeping sea monkeys~☆! ↓

Sea Monkeys~!

Sea Monkeys~!

The eggs aren’t hatch yet so I’ll update later or so, alright?

(Laughs) Mira wanted to keep sea monkeys but somehow she didn’t… <u__u>

A~ah well.. Baa-bai~♫! \<´v`>/

Japanese Table Manners

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Mood - Talkative

21st July 2K8, Monday – 10+pm.


Good evening, everyone~♥!

Until Mira returns and start posting, this is Ms.Aya whom you favorably call ‘Sheep’ is going to be your companion once again~☆!

What? Don’t like sheep? <;__;> (Cries)

Baa! \<`A´>/ (Is not bothered)

As for today’s entry… <.__.>

Those of you who are fond about the Japanese culture, sheep is going to share with you in a nutshell about ‘Japanese Table Manners’. <—λ—>/~☆


Japanese Table Manners


Japanese people have a very unique and traditional way when it comes to eating. To date, they still cultivate their table manners actively.

So if one day you are going to eat in a Japanese environment, I suggest you learn their table manners to avoid offending their culture.

Don’t worry! It doesn’t take too long to understand their basic table manners. <^-^>/ (Laughs)

Sheep will somehow make you understand!


Before you eat, always make sure that everyone is ready and all settled down at the table. Then ask if you may eat your food.

When you’re about to dig in, say “Itadakimasu!” and then you may go ahead and eat.

‘Itadakimasu’ 「いただきます」 means ‘I gratefully receive’.

The Japanese people say this before eating because they want to express their gratitude for the meal that has been prepared.

So do remember to say ‘Itadakimasu~~~♫ — in a very cheerful tone. ↓

Express in a cheerful way

DO - Express in a cheerful tone

Even if you may not favor the dishes, try not to say in a very dead and dull tone… ↓

Expressing gratitude in a dull tone makes Japanese people uneasy

DO NOT - Express gratitude in a dull tone

Otherwise it’ll look like you’re ungrateful and this may cause the Japanese chef to worry about his cooking. <u__u>lll

Now, you may want to pour out the sauce so that you can mix with your sushi and rice, right? As much as you like the sauce, please don’t pour excessively and never ever pour into your rice bowl. Wasting sauce is considered to be very bad manners in the Japanese dining etiquette.

So please pour the sauce sparingly. ↓

Correct way - Pour the sauce sparingly into the sauce plate provided

DO - Pour the sauce sparingly into the sauce plate provided

If you spam the sauce like this… ↓

Wrong way - Spamming the sauce in your sauce plate and rice bowl

DO NOT - Spam the sauce in your sauce plate and rice bowl

The sushi chef won’t be very please… And let’s not forget about the Wasabi… ↓

Wrong way - Scooping a big amount of Wasabi for yourself

DO NOT - Scoop a big portion of Wasabi for yourself

This will wage war between you and the Japanese people. (Laughs)

Next.. When it comes to eating sushi… You may use your hands or your chopsticks. The reason why sushi is made in a bite-sized is so that you can eat it in one bite without ruining the perfect shape of the sushi.

After all, the sushi chef did his best to diligently make the sushi. Let’s not piss him off, ok?

Urgent! Eat sushi in one-bite with caution. Don’t get too excited and choke yourself! ↓

Be careful not to choke yourself with sushi

DO - Be careful not to choke yourself while eating sushi in a single bite

Other table manners you should be mindful of:

  • No talking about toilet related or disgusting topics that spoils people’s appetite.
  • Do not blow your nose when there’s food on the table.
  • Do not burp aloud.

If you’re a Malaysian, never ever ask for a bowl of rice using the word, “Mangkuk”. The pronunciation of ‘mangkuk’ is similar to the Japanese word for ‘Manko’ which means ‘women’s genital’.

Also, do avoid saying ‘chin chin’. It means ‘men’s genital’.

If you want second helpings, say ‘Okawari’ 「お代り」, which means ‘second helping’. Don’t say ‘mangkuk’ or you’ll get road kill. <x__x>

Oh, try not to have too many rounds of food unless it’s a buffet. You may be taken as a freeloader. <=__=>lll

Moving on… When it comes to toasting the drinks, lift your cup up high as though saluting and say ‘Kampai~~♫!!!” along with the others.

Kampai 「乾杯」= Cheers/Toast!

Once you’ve finish eating, try to clean up every grain of rice and put back your bowl, chopsticks and cup to the initial placings. Do close the lids for the pots as well.

When you’re done, say “Gochisosama deshita!” 「ごちそさまでした」to express your thanks for the meal. ↓

Express your thanks by saying Gochisosama deshita!

Express your thanks by saying "Gochisosama deshita!"

… Not that difficult, isn’t it? (Laughs)

What I just shared with you here is just a bean of information — but worry not.. It’s more than enough to get you by. At least you won’t offend the Japanese people *especially the chef*. (Laughs)

If you wish to learn more in depth, click here to read more —> \<^v^>/

The article is not by sheep though… <^ε^>lll

[ . . . ]

I suppose this is all from the sheep. If you have any questions, fire away!

Sheep will try its best to provide to answers! \<^x^>/{Baa~]


- End of Japanese Table Manners Lesson -



… For your information, I drew those pictures. <^x^>/

<_ _>lll

… Stop laughing at my lousy drawing!!! \<≥A≤>/

I just wanted to make it more visualizing and interesting!

(Cries) <;__;>

Mood - Worried[?]

Mood - Worried

20th July 2K8, Sunday – Night time.


Hello everyone~! \<^ε^>/

How have you all been? <•ω•>/

I assume everyone is busy with their own matters. So I hope things goes well for all of you. <—υ—>o

I was going to blog about a dog that entered the church during mass today but since I couldn’t snap a picture of the dog walking around the altar… I’d better not. <¬_¬>lll

And if I had whipped out my camera during mass, I’ll be frowned upon. You see… I usually sit in the front rows where all the aunties and uncles are. Knowing them… (Sighs) They surely won’t like me doing that.

Anyway… Today I went to church in this dress~☆! ↓

White Dress from Comma//Labelz

White Dress from Comma//Labelz

Normally I wear a sweater over to cover my shoulders but for today, I decided not to. It has been a very long time since I’ve gone out in sleeveless clothes. So I thought I should give it a try. \<´v`>/

The reason why I always wear a sweater over is partially because I feel my shoulders are broad and that my arms are fat. (Years ago it was because I was too thin) Another reason is I catch cold very easily. <x__x>

Anyway, I felt FAT throughout my evening. <TAT>/

I remember last time I always wanted to put on weight. But now that I have, I hate it even more compared to the time I was thin. <=__=>lll

I think I know why I wanted to put on weight so badly. Last time, the other kids and students used to bully me and make fun of me.

They called me hideous names, insulted me, and tried to shame me for who I was.

But because they were my friends, I thought they said that out of concern. I actually believed what they were saying. So when I looked at the mirror at that time, I saw myself as how they described me.

I went into deep depression for a very long time and tried to gauge myself with food. Yet, I couldn’t put on weight. <;__;> (Cries)

However, now that I’m out of school and away from society…

I looked differently at myself now. I don’t depend on other people’s opinions to see my reflection in the mirror. What I see is how I describe myself.

And when I think about it carefully now… Those people said nasty things about me not because they cared but they simply wanted to hurt me. Perhaps they were jealous because they were bigger and fatter in size.

I can even remember those girls laughing at me when they told my crush I liked him (I wanted to keep it a secret but they blew it) and then he told them I was too thin for anything. Apparently, he said more than that but I chose not to hear. I cycled home and shut myself for days.


Back to the presence..

There’s no harm if I lose another 2kg right?

Not that I care what others said. Besides, they don’t tell out of concern. Jealousy is the main intention.

So, if any of you are facing a situation similar to this... I hope that you can be wise and listen to yourself rather than others.

I won’t say its easy because until today — I find it hard to cope with people like this. I always tell myself that it happen long time ago and those bimbos and bastards were just kids — They didn’t know what they were saying.

But to my surprise, people who are aged 18 plus, supposedly matured enough than to behave in a ridiculous manner, can still bring themselves to be such an asshole.

I don’t understand why certain people must choose to say,Hey, you’re ugly” or You’re too thin, that’s ugly” or You have lots of pimples” instead of …”.

What kind of conversation can you get from that?

I admit I do make comments but I always try to discuss a solution with them. I won’t just say You’re fat” and then end it that way.

Gosh, sometimes when people tell me these opinions out of the blue… It makes me want to tell them, “KEEP THAT KIND OF SHIT TO YOURSELF, PIE-HOLE!”



I better end this topic. However, I still want answers! (Laughs)

So with that, I’m going to the gym to workout harder! \<`A´>/

!! RAWR !!


Note: Sorry for writing selfishly. Let this entry not only be about me, ok? Share with me your experiences. Especially if you have bottled up this kind of bad memories, you can spill it here. Sheep understands!

Random note: I like Prince Nuada from Hellboy II. Why did he have to die? <;__;> (Tears)

Thanks Mau-chan!

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Mood - Hopeless

17th July 2K8, Thursday – 11:13+pm.


Thanks Mau-chan, for hanging out with me today. \<^ε^>/~♥

It was an impromptu trip and sorry for taking up your whole afternoon. <•ω•>

I enjoyed the outing and certainly enjoyed watching Hellboy II. (Laughs) \<´v`>/

Note: Sorry Sey-kun for borrowing Mau-chan today. (Laughs) ↓

The Genki Mau-chan

The Genki Mau-chan

Etoh… I don’t have anything in particular to blog so… End for today’s entry?




(Slowly motions away from blog)