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Mood - Ganbate!

Mood - Ganbate!

16th August 2k8, Saturday – Evening.


Bunã, everyone~ \<^x^>/

Ms.Aya is here to teach you how to give your manga characters the basic facial expressions!

Take out an A4 paper, a pencil, an eraser and a ruler to begin.

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Firstly, divide the space of your paper into 4 as shown beneath. ↓

Divide into 4 divisions.

Divide into 4 divisions.

We are going to learn how to draw 4 basic and easy facial expressions for manga characters. So worry not. This practice is not difficult. It’s easy and fun!


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Mood - Worn out

Mood - Worn out

3rd August 2K8, Sunny Sunday.


Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen.

This is Ms.Aya blogging today! \<^v^>/

Now, I promise to create a tutorial on how to draw manga – right? So without further ado, let’s get started, shall we?

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Pencil (2B, 3B, Mechanical pencil.. Whichever you’re comfortable with)
  • Eraser
  • White A4 paper

Please… Use A4 paper okee? Don’t use sticky yellow pads or papers with lines. You can only draw stick-mans with those!

Lay out your paper and begin with drawing a big circle. Don’t use your tumbler or any round objects to help you. Just draw it freely. It doesn’t matter if it’s uneven.

And yes, I forbid rulers.

And make sure you take as much space as you can because I’m going to teach you how to draw just the head.

You see, our objective here is to fully master drawing the face and head. Body comes later because by the time you struggle to draw the face meticulously, you will be worn out and probably try to rush the whole art piece.

To master the face and head, take up the whole paper. I remember my Japanese sensei once taught me to use up all the space to write Hiragana. He said writing it too tiny will not help you expand. So this applies in drawing manga too. ↓

Draw a circle and then form a T junction

Draw a circle and then form a t-junction


In that circle, form a t-junction as shown.

The t-junction is to assist you in positioning the eyes, nose and mouth. Also, the direction of where the head is facing.

The circle and cross should be drawn lightly and obvious enough to see it as a mark.

So don’t add pressure when drawing this foundation.


Drawing the cheeks, neck and marking the forehead line

Drawing the cheeks, neck and marking the forehead line

Follow the step-by-step numbers and the direction of the arrows.

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