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It’s Vintage, Dear~

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Good afternoon~!

Do you like the new blog layout~?

Looks very much like a diary, doesn’t it? (Laughs)

Many thanks to the awesome designer who created this lovely theme~!

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Well…The purpose of this blog entry is to share with you some goodies~

If you would like to give some of your photos the vintage and photo aging effect, I’ve found some really good and easy Photoshop tutorials that can guide you. <^ε^>

What I meant by the ‘Vintage‘ look is as shown as beneath. ↓

Vintage and Photo Aging Effect

(Laughs nervously) My first batch of self-made vintage photos… <^-^>lll

Will certainly try to make nicer ones in the future~! <^v^>/


Just so you can see the difference, here are the raw photos (before editing). ↓

It doesn’t take long to convert plain images to stunning and marvelous vintage photos. All it takes is some adjustments to the colors (make it yellowish) and then apply some layers of textures to the image.

For proper instructions, do check out the tutorials beneath~! ↓

Let’s say you are quite lazy to go through all the links above, then just pick 1 of the thumbnails will do. <^w^>/

Most important of all, you will need textures to create such effects.

For a start, you can download some textures from here:

Do check out this user’s DA for she has really nice artworks as well! ↑


I hope the links above are useful and if you have done any nice vintage photos…Sheep would like to see them~ (Laughs)

Now, excuse sheep…In a hurry to leave soon. Going to watch Unstoppable later~ ↓ (Grins)

When I first saw the poster, I thought this movie only has 2 people starring in it. But after watching the trailer…It seems more than that…So yea..

See you later~!

Mood - Active

Mood - Active

25th November 2K8, Tuesday – 12++am.


This tutorial is probably the quickest and most plain tutorial ever done by Ms.Aya. (Laughs)

Not that I’m lazy. It’s just that many of the basics has been taught in my previous tutorials. <^-^>/

In this tutorial, we will learn how to draw 2 types of guys with different facial features and characteristics.

We have all sorts of people in this world; The happy-go-lucky, gangsters, old geezers and the list go on. But sadly, we’re only going to learn how to draw the typical guy with wide eyes and the serious nonchalant dude. (Laughs)

Ok, for those who are absolute rookies who don’t know anything about the T-junction foundation, click here to learn. Otherwise, proceed shall we? ↓

Start by dividing your paper into 2 sections and draw as shown above.

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Mood - Blank

30th October 2K8, Thursday – Late evening.


I, Ms.Aya the sheep is so sorry for the long overdue tutorial. <x_x>lll

Finally, I present to you… A basic guide on how to draw a full-body for your manga characters! \<^x^>/

Just before I begin this tutorial, allow me to clarify certain things:

  1. I’m an amateur and inconsistent artist. My tutorials are meant for absolute beginner’s who are just starting out. Suppose you are an expert artist and you find this tutorial pure trash — That, I wonder how did you end up here.
  2. My human anatomy outlook is retarded and deformed. However, I see it as an art to defy reality. And seriously, it doesn’t look too spastic to me.
  3. This is a very quick guide that requires less than an hour. <^-^>v

Above all — I humbly admit.. I’m lousy in drawing a full-body. <;__;> But I’m confident that the technique I’m about to teach you is more than enough to pass your artwork with compliments. <^v^>/

Now that I’m clear… Moving on…

Note: Click on image to enlarge view.

I’ve already taught you how to draw the face and create facial expressions in my previous tutorials. Now, we’re going to draw a full body for your lovely manga characters!

First off… Please draw the following graphic shown below. ↓

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Mood - Gleeful

18th September 2K8, Thursday – Night time.


Mokarimakka, minna-hun? <•ω•>/~♫!

Today, I received an email asking me questions about the text emoticons that I use.

Those of you who contact me via email, MSN, sms or through this blog by now may have noticed that I’m very fond of using text emoticons rather than graphical ones.

And if you have been wondering what on earth <OAO>!!!, <TAT> and <.____.>{?] means, here’s your chance to finally uncover what those expressions are!

Also, you’ll learn how to creatively express yourself using text emoticons~☆! \<^v^>/

Yes, I’m shedding some light into this mystery. (Laughs)


Kaneko - An example of a Japanese text emoticon

Kaneko - An example of a Japanese text emoticon

I normally use the Eastern style, to be precise, the Japanese style.

The Eastern style format is like this: (*_*).

The brackets indicates the outline of the face while the asterisk indicates the eyes. The underscore is the mouth.

\ and / are the arms.

In my case, I use < and > because personally, I think it makes my emoticons look more sheepish. (Laughs) <^x^>/

Before I begin the guide, those of you who are into drawing manga…

This guide is not just about text emoticons. You can also learn how to apply these anime-like expressions on your hand-drawn chibi or animal characters~! \<^υ^>/

Japanese Text Emoticon/Facial Expression HandBook

<^_^> – A typical cat-like smiley face.

Actually, it is not necessarily described as a cat-like smile. The Japanese originally have small eyes so when they smile, their cheeks raises causing their eyes to look like (^_^).

Don’t believe me? Go pester your friend with the smallest eye to smile insanely wide. You’ll see a similarity there!

Instead of using ^ ^, you can sometimes use ‘n’ too –> <n_n>/

\<^v^>/ – A happy face.

Compared to the first one, this one has its mouth open wide!


This one expresses its lips sinking in.


A normal and pleasant smile.

/<^ω^>\ | /<^w^>”

The ‘w’ mouth is usually used on animals as it shows its muzzle. Such as bears, dogs, cats etc. However,it does look cute on human cartoon characters too.



Konata, the main character of LuckyStar is often seen with the ‘ω’ mouth.

By the way, it is not impossible to mimic a ω mouth in real-life. (Laughs)


Another ω smiley but this time, with the eyes open.


This is another version of the bear face. Here’s an example of an anime character with this ‘kuma’ lips. ↓

Senna from Bleach - Memories of Nobody
Senna from Bleach – Memories of Nobody

The octopus a.k.a duck lips. Usually expresses ‘kissing’. (Laughs)


Another way to create this emoticon is to substitute the v with an up-side-down A. In which I can’t do that. I don’t know how. Sorry! (Cries) <;__;>


Now this emoticons expresses depression, lack of confidence and any other negative emotions. The lll indicates negativity. Without lll, (-__-) expresses the ‘boring’ look or the ‘Sou ka….’ (I see…) face.

Normally, we add the sweat drop for this emoticon. → <-_-”>


This emoticon can be tricky. It depends on how YOU look at it. To some people, it looks like the eyes are being narrowed and focused. But to others, the top hyphen appears to look like a pair of eye brows and beneath are the closed eyes.


Another tricky emoticon that relies on your own perception. (T_T) If you look at the vertical line, it may look like tears, as though the emoticon indicates crying.

For other people, it may look like this: ↓

Hatsuharu from FruitBaskets
Hatsuharu from FruitBaskets

Anyway, if you really want a crying face, go for this one then.


Or (;___;), which is slightly tearful, not flooding with tears.


My personal favourite: This emoticon expresses shock, WHAT THE FUCK and you may as well call it the “Constipated face” while you’re at it.

Another text for this emoticon is → !!!<°Δ°>

Note: When you see the eyes are like this: o_o

It means the eyes are wide open as though — SHOCK!!!



One more constipating face for you~♥ More like a ‘jaw-dropper’ face. (Laughs)

Here’s another one for you~! lll<°Д°>/ u_u


Inserting ‘u’ as the eyes shows that your eyes are close. You can use it to express calm and comfort.

You can also turn it into a sympathetic face like this → <u__u,>

Adding the , will make it look tearful and pitiful.



If I ever type this emoticon to you — Pack your bags, go for plastic surgery and take a ride to space! This emoticon is angry, outrageous and totally piss off!

Just look at the eye line closing in the nose bridge!

On the other hand…


If you reverse it, it becomes a happy face! I like to call it, “Rejoiceful” face!


A confusing face. The standard confuse face is (@_@).

Another one that I often use is … ↓


It’s as though the character is looking down and thinking at the same time!

_  _lll
<_ _>lll

Expresses negativity by facing downwards.


Do I need to explain this one? (Laughs)


The “Oo~oohh~~” face.


The frustrated face. You know.. When you vehemently protest against something, you squint your eyes like this → (>_<){Ya-da-ya-da~!]


Alright. I’ve come to an end. <—ω—>/

I hope this guide will help you in fathoming out text emoticons and also assist you in creating more cute expressions for your manga characters!

Before I go.. I’ll let you figure out these emoticons~!

(By now, you should be able to understand the facial expressions!)

(x_x)lll |  (=_+)  | (-   -”)

(o_o) |  ($v$) |  (*v*)

(~_~) |  (.   .) | (^-^)

By the way — If you don’t know how to get certain characters like Д, ω, or Δ…


Click CHARACTER MAP and a browser of jibberish will appear. ↓

Character Map Browser
Character Map Browser

From there, you should be able to experiment all the provided symbols and create some really cool and cute text emoticons of your own!

This was guided by Ms.Aya the sheep, over and out! <^-^>/~☆!

PS: So you wanna learn how to draw facial expressions for manga characters — for real? Check out my tutorial then → Click here.