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Handmade Bags by Meeeeeer~!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky

Good evening, ladies and gentlemen~

This is the sheepish Ms.Aya who is quite perky at the moment. As I’m blogging, I’m wearing my new outfit~! ↓

By now, I should be wearing my house clothes now however, all my pants are still wet. (Cries) <;__;>

So I’m gonna have to wear my new blouse and dress for awhile. (Laughs)

I dropped by Simmy’s blog and it appears that I’ve been tagged to a game which might just win me a bag handmade by Mer.

The game is about passing a word of mouth about this giveaway handbag game.

I checked out the blogshop and I’m quite taken to Mer-san handmade bags. They are really pretty, feminine, cute and simple for an ordinary ‘O’ type girl like me~. <ˆωˆ>v (Laughs)

Mers tote bag series

Mer's tote bag series

Mers latest creation

Mer's latest creation

To my surprise, Mer-san… is also a SHEEP! <▫д▫>

!! E.rai.kot.cha !!

Baa~ The difference is; She “Meeeers” and make handbags while I “Baa” and — play video games.. <_  _>lll

Anyway, I’m sort of in need of a new one. The bag I’m using now is coming to 3 years old. ↓

The zip part is starting to rip open. (Tears) <∏A∏>

Therefore, it’s about time I get a new handbag. <^ε^>

Oh, before I proceed — Guys, please take a seat at the bench. This is girl’s talk and you probably won’t be interested. (Laughs)

As I was saying… <.__.>

In truth, I don’t fancy shopping for handbags. As far as I’m concerned, the ones I see in boutiques all look the same to the point I can barely distinguish one from another. <¬__¬>

Especially branded ones. If you see PRADA bags here, you’ll probably see it in another PRADA outlet too. It’s everywhere — whether people buy it or not.

Take this as an example: ↓

Tell me if you have not seen this bag at all. (Laughs) ← Apply to locals only.

BUT-BUT BUT!!! <`A´>/

I can’t safely and confidently tell you that Mer-san’s bags are of better quality than the above since I’ve not owned any of her handmade bags before.

Though… What I can tell you is — Her blogshop is legitimate. ↓

You can take it as a point up knowing that you’re purchasing online from someone credible and actually has a face. (Unlike some blogshops, they just take pictures of their bodies and no faces)

Besides handbags, she also handmake:

  • Document holders
  • Cellphone holders
  • ipod holders
  • Small pouches
  • Stationary cases
  • .. and more!


Handmade bags are unique. If you are one who likes to have the most unique and urban handbag, perhaps you can check Mer-san’s creations. No harm done.

Or if you are like me — You just want a simple yet somewhat whimsical bag which can match all your clothes, store your necessities, has that Korean/Japanese/Taiwan style and can WASH easily — Then I think Mer-san’s creations would be good for you.

Ok… As the finale of this entry, I tag:

The rules can be found here:

Mer’s Giveaway Game

Those who are interested, you may tag yourself. <^-^>v

IMPORTANT NOTE!: This Give Away game is open to bloggers in Malaysia only.

[ . . . ]

PS: Guys, are you still breathing? <.___.>{?] Please don’t decay on me yet! <≥Δ≤>/

[ Update! ]

Aqila and Wawa has been added to the tag! \<´v`>~♥

Amateur Review on Resident Evil 5

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - Heki

Mood - Heki

Finally — Here’s the long awaited review on Resident Evil 5 by Ms.Aya the sheep~♥

This is my second game review; first being Devil May Cry 4. (Laughs)

It’s going to be a very lucid review because I’m unable to screen capture shots of the game so certain things I can’t point out. (Tears)

Therefore… expect more texts and less pictures.

Before anything else, keep this in mind:

  1. I’m not a professional or supreme gamer! – What you may find in this review are my personal opinions. I don’t nitpick on every detail because heck, I just want to play for my own amusement and suppose I miss out some important factors or parts of the story — It just mean the game didn’t interest me enough to catch the whole drift.
  2. Contain spoilers! – If you are one of those fussy people who prefer to surprising yourself, please discontinue reading this review. I don’t want to be responsible for ruining your high anticipation.

[ . . . ]

Are you ready?

Read the rest of this entry »

Ice-Cream Phone – Deco!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue


Good evening, fellow readers~♫! \<´v`>/

This is Ms.Aya who received her ice-cream phone earlier than expected! <OAO>

In fact, right after I posted the previous entry, Zitron beeped me and told me to collect my phone immediately before they close for the long holidays. Otherwise, I’ll have to wait until the end of Chinese New Year which is next week. <_  _>lll

So those of you who have been following my updates on the LG KF350 phone — everything seems to be fine, period. Though I noticed that there are some scratches on my screen. (Tears) <;__;>

That night itself — Sheep begun decorating her phone with her newly arrived accessories~! ↓

Deco tools!

Deco tools!

Sheep was so excited because it was her first time decorating her keitai with 3D gems~♥!

First and for all, I wiped my phone as clean as possible. I even applied a bit of soap and carefully wiped the screen clean. Seriously, the people who handed my phone were rather careless people. I spotted some scratches on my external and internal screen! <OAO>

Baa! Sheep was flabbergasted! <`A´>/

But since the marks are quite minor, I guess it’s best I pardon them instead of boiling my own blood. Ne? <—ω—>

So back to where I was saying…

↑ After cleaning my phone, I drew a crappy layout on the screen protector sticker.

As you can see — ↓

I didn’t do a good job on that. (Laughs nervously)

Let’s just say — I own a pair of fidgety hands! <;__;>

I can never draw a straight line even with the help of a ruler no matter what~!

So if given a chance, please don’t ask me to draw lines for you. You’ll regret it!

Baa~ <u_u>

I only had 2 pieces of that screen protector and as hard as I tried to cut and paste the sticker diligently however… ↓

I failed miserably! ↑ (Cries)

I’m not sure whether its suppose to be extremely sticky like a double-sided type or what but — I’m definitely not going to do this again manually. I just wasted them unnecessarily!

Besides, it’s so sticky that I won’t be surprise if it leaves any glue stains in a matter of time! <x_x>

Therefore, be wise — Get an expert if you have no confidence in doing it yourself, ok?

In the end, I somehow managed to use the bits and pieces of the remains. <T_T>

After struggling to stick the protector screen, I investigated the other packet where all the goodies were~♥

(The marker pen is however — not included!)

You’ll be given some gems, pearls, flowers… (according to the design that you chose), 2 cotton buds, 2 tooth picks and a pair of glue which you need to mix on an aluminum foil. Do be careful! The glue is very sticky!

From this point onwards, I did not take any photos for this footage simply because — My hands were very sticky. (Laughs nervously) <^x^>lll

However, I can spare you some basic yet handy tips:

  • Arrange the beads and pearls BEFORE sticking on them for real. It’s better that you have a rough idea on where you want to stick them and how you want them to appear at the end of the day. After that, you should have enough confidence to apply glue on them. (Blend both the glue as well as possible. And don’t leave them expose to the air for too long. It’ll dry up!)
  • Start with the bigger beads and pearls. Use them as your mark.
  • Use the 2 tooth picks that are provided for you. Especially when it comes to the puny beads.
  • Use the cotton buds to clean up the exceeding glue.

It took me close to an hour to decorate my phone up to my satisfaction. ↓

(Smiles) I’m quite please with how I arranged the gems and pearls. Though I’m still beating myself senseless for picking pink flowers instead of red. Moreover the phone is already pink in color.. (Sobs) But from the way it looks — it still stands out I suppose… <_  _>lll

Once I was done, I eagerly attached my new hanger on my princess-looking phone~! ↓

Presenting the final result~! ↓

From afar, it looks nice and fancy. But truth to speak — It’s damn messy up-close because I simply stick the screen protector. (Weeps) <TAT>

Question: Will the gems and pearls get in the way when the phone lights up?

Well.. See for yourself! <^ε^>/ ↓

What do you think? <.__.>{?]

No no! I don’t want your opinion on my how terrible my verbal skills are. I meant — the phone and its light!

!! Slaps own forehead !!

Is it too gaudy? Because that’s what my mother and uncles said. (Tears)

Then again, it’s my phone so — (Sticks out tongue)

Can’t stop sheep! <≥A≤>/

Those of you who are wondering where I got my accessories… You can find them at

Click here to go to the Handphone Stickers category immediately!

They do ship their goods to Malaysia so don’t worry. We’re not that unknown. (Laughs)

Other than purchasing their screen protector (which I’ll never buy again), 1 Swarovski Original Design and that lovely wishing-upon-a-star-ribbon strap — I also bought a Morimo! ↓

It’s so much smaller than I expected! <´•ω•`>

A Morimo is a small weed[?] which apparently acts as a good luck charm. Take good care of it, change its water regularly and it will bless you with luck~!

You can buy Morimo with your birth stone with it~♥! \<^v^>/

It’s now hanging on my wallet~♫

Baa~♫ <u_u>

Sheep has to leave now~♫ <^x^>

Just so you know, I won’t be blogging for this entire week because I have guests in my house.

So don’t panic during my absence alright? <T_T>

I’ll catch up with minna-hun as soon as possible!

Desu kara — Baa-bai~♥!

PS: I got Auwlithe to pose for me because sheep is too lazy and ugly to cam-whore at the moment. With that said — Please pardon me~! <´•___•`>

P.PS: If you’re an individual who keeps her phone in her pocket, then you better not decorate your keitai like mine. Imagine those sharp little things poking your ass! (Laughs)

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Second Report on the LG KF350

Posted by: Ms Ayain Reviews
Mood - SAD

Mood - SAD

Christmas Eve~☆◊☆◊☆!


Nu~po! <OAO>!!!

My new cell phone…. ↓


…hanged! <o_o>{!!]


!! cries !!

I was hoping that I could report good news in my second report for the LG KF350 but NOooo~ Something awfully wrong just can’t spare sheep! (Tears)

I tried removing the battery, sim card, connect it to the computer … even wished that somehow the alarm that I set for the next day will somehow trigger the system to function again… In the end all attempts were futile. <;__;>

Sheep is sad and disappointed. It hung for 3 days already. <_  _>lll

A~ah well.. *sobs* After Christmas, I’ll send it for repair — And please after this, no more surprises. I hate surprises. <u_u,>

Besides this, I have more things to report about this phone.

  • Input dictionary keeps resetting to default - I’m used to typing manually so the first thing I did when I got the phone was — I disabled the dictionary. However, when I turned off and on my phone again — The dictionary enables itself again. It’s annoying in the sense that I have to keep disabling every time I switch on my phone.
  • The receiving end can’t hear me clearly – I phoned Mira a couple of times and she had difficulties in making out what I was saying. She said that my voice sounded very soft and unclear. <;__;> Saru-chan called me once and he thought I was half-sleep judging from my sloppy voice!
  • MMSMira sent me a MMS and at first, I had problems retrieving it. Later I discovered that I needed to download the MMS settings again. I’m using HOTLINK and in the process getting the settings, I couldn’t find LG KF350 in the category of download. Usually you need to select your phone model before downloading the settings, right? Perhaps LG KF350 is too new that’s why. In this case, I selected LG KF300, since it’s sort of similar to LG KF350. Fortunately, it worked!
  • External LED - Baa… I’m not sure whether it’s meant to be or only my phone is dysfunctional but — the time and emoticon only appeared for 2 seconds and disappeared just like that. Odd…

Apart from these, I have nothing more to report.. Since my phone hanged on the 2nd day BEFORE I could explore it to the fullest. (Cries)

Due to this unwanted incident, I could not take a picture of the dead rat that Auwlithe killed.

You see, this rat has been camping in our car engine for weeks. We didn’t know until Auwlithe urged us to check the car engine.

We tried to catch it but the rat was such a sneak and our rat traps were to no avail.

Anyway, yesterday when I returned home from shopping — Auwlithe showed me the dead rat and it appears that it’s neck was twisted.

I’m convinced that it was Auwlithe’s work since he killed another rat and a pigeon using the same method, in front of me.

… Auwlithe, いい子だ~♥! <^v^>/

Baa~ <u_u>

Time for sheep to leave~!

Baa-bai minna-hun~

And …


↑ Mum bought this hat specially for Auwlithe~♪! <^ω^>v

<TTATT> (Cries) My ice-cream phone…

!! U~~WAaaaaaaa~~~ !!

While everyone is celebrating, Ms.Aya is going to cry herself to sleep. <;__;>

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