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Mood - Gleeful

Mood - Gleeful

Updated on the 14th July 2K8, Monday – 11:01+pm.


Haha.. Sorry Mira, I get the first post! (Laughs)

Before I start, some of you… Please stop staring daggers at sheep. <;__;> I know many of you has lots of questions about the previous blog etc. I can’t say much except that sheep is… Sorry? (Laughs nervously)

Baa~♫ <u__u> was a splendid blog and sheep had a good time there. (Sighs)

Anyway, those of you who made it here, I’d like to welcome you with open arms. I’m sure Mira is very delighted to see you all here again.

Yes, sheep and Mira goes hand-in-hand again when it comes to blogging. Seriously, I don’t think it’ll be fun to start a blog without her. <^x^>/~♥

Oh ya! Please don’t get this the wrong way. We did not fight and then decided to abandon the old blog. Nothing like that! (Laughs)

Etoh… <.___.> *Thinks* So from now, we will both work hard to blog more often, keeping in touch with you all~!

Kyou kara motto ganbarimasu~☆!

Ne, Mira? <.___.>{?]

Baa… Before I end this entry…



Hey Nappy!

You asked me what is pork bun called in Chinese, right? Here, we call it ‘Cha Siu Pau’. Cha siu means ‘pork‘ and Pau is ‘bun‘.

In Japanese, ‘nikuman’ means pork bun.

So if you ever go to any Japanese or Chinese stalls and want to buy some pork buns, just say “I want (insert how many pork buns you want here) cha siu pau/nikuman”. <^ω^>/~♫



This is all from the sheep.

Once again, welcome and many apologies for the sudden disappearance and changes! \<TAT>/