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Mood: ____

It’s done~! ↓

This time I chose the Gallery Shop model. Initially, I wanted to get the Newspaper shop set but I foresaw that there will be lots of cutting. <x__x>

Sheep isn’t very fond of cutting papers because her alignment is very bad. <x__x>

Anyway from this point onwards, sheep will just post pictures because she doesn’t have much to say. More like, her brain is drowned with a melancholic melody therefore, unable to think and form rational sentences. (Laughs nervously)


- The End -

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…. ↓

There were 3 waitresses surrounding a guy at the entrance. Sheep was sitting nearby with her mother and couldn’t help but to watch how they all were behaving.

It seemed as if they all knew each other already. Although I didn’t really understand what they were talking, I could tell that the girls were teasing the guy. Well, it was hard to tell what they were saying because of all the giggles however, I think it’s usually the case, right? When there is one guy and many girls, the guy gets the attention and lots of teases. <.___.>{?]

Judging by the girls’ body movements (shaking their asses, moving back and forth, ganging up on the guy…), I thought maybe they were flirting with him. <.__.>

Anyway, I then called one of the waitresses and asked for a refill for my drink. One left to refill my Coke, another followed and the girl who was left with the guy — well, she was lucky to have him all to herself!

Suddenly her voice changed into a much more proper behavior than her former giggly self. It was as if she became more serious and matured. (Laughs)

When the 2 others returned, she resumed to being funny and playful along with the girls. <^-^>lll

This lasted for some time until my mother called for the bill. 1 girl left to get the bill, 1 also left and the last girl — she was told to clean up my table but she didn’t come immediately. Instead, she hogged onto the guy and continued talking, this time in a different manner. How do I describe this manner? Baa…It’s like you want to let someone hear your ‘beautiful voice’ sort of thing I guess. (Laughs)

When I left the place, I told my mother about my observation and she said she kind of noticed them too. Also, she said the guy was quite good-looking so it’s no wonder the girls flocked around him.

Baa…That so? <=__=>

I heard his phone receiving smses throughout the time and that he kept checking them on the spot. Maybe there weren’t only 3 girls trying to tackle him at that time but there were more — via his phone.

So this is….the Courting game, ka?  <´•ω•`>

It seems so — competitive… <x__x>

Baa~ <^-^>

Initially, I wanted to blog about my frustration regarding the lil monkey boy living behind my house. But my rage has tamed down so I’m going to let it slip. Though I would like to say — There are some kids that you can adore dearly. However, there are those that you’d want to drown in the bathtub.


This is all.

Sheep shall blog again to everyone… ↓

…Once sheep is done with her 2nd DIY set~! (Laughs)

Speaking of which, I went to Action City today and it seems their DIY sets slightly differs from mine. The models are a little bigger than the one I made as well as more open. For a visual idea, please refer to Dino-chan’s blog post on her DIY which she bought at Action City.

In any case, you may want to try out the ones at Action City. Otherwise, perhaps there are craft shops that has more variety. <^-^*>/

DIY Miniature Coffee Shop

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Mood: Sleepy

In my previous entry…

I mentioned something about a DIY stuff. ↓


I finished assembling the parts~! (Rejoices)

I chose the Coffee Shop model. There were others like  the News Stand, Wedding Shop, Disc shop and more however, I think Coffee Shop suits sheep, ne? <^-^>/

Anyway… ↓

The parts mostly comprises paper,little wood planks and beads. Glue is provided by the way.

At first, I panicked when I found out that the manual was in Chinese!  But the visual steps are quite reliable as a guide. Otherwise if you aren’t sure which wood is for which part, there’s a checklist given for you to check the size of the wood. All you have to do is measure the size and then you can roughly tell which wood belongs to where. <^ω^>/

Though, some wooden parts may not have the exact measurements… <T_T>

Just got to keep that in mind and try to improvise from there. After all, it’s a self-made model so if you like, you can have your own add ons or leave some parts out.

(Laughs) Overall, I had a lot of fun assembling the little cabinets however…

I almost died doing the little, little things such as the mini coffee jars that are actually made out of tube. ↓

You have to cut the PVC film tube and then wrap the label around it. After that, put the cover over and there~ Apparently, a jar of coffee powder! (Laughs)

I skipped the coffee boxes because — they were too tiny! I couldn’t cut them properly and folding them was really difficult hence abandoned them.

I was also required to sew 2 tiny cotton bags that were supposed to be coffee bags but I skipped them too.

So after assembling the tiny parts, attach the cabinets to the inside of the box using a glue and then… ↓

There you go~! The inside of the coffee shop~ \<^v^>/

Supposed to put the fake lights but I didn’t because I couldn’t stick them properly. So I settled with this. <u_u>

As for the outside… ↓

By right, if I had screwed the sides, it can open and close like a door however, it was very difficult to install them.

Screwing is easy, but making holes for screwing is difficult! I wanted to hammer it so that I can make a hole but that would only destroy this delicate things, nay? <^-^>lll

Ah well~ So now there is a Coffee Shop next to my coin bank house. (Laughs)

It took me the whole broad day light to complete assembling the parts! <_  _>lll Wow~ If I were to do this for a living, I bet I’ll be darn thin and really have no social life! (Laughs)

It requires a lot of patience, concentration and diligence to do it. <u_u>

Anyway those who might favor this as a hobby, I think you might find this in Action City.

Mood: Tired

Mood: Tired


A certain sheep went over to Singapore~

I’m very tired now but… I want to express my love for vending machines! ↓

I love vending machines! They are so awesome~!

Every time I see a vending machine, I get very excited just by looking at it. It’s so nice that Singapore has vending machines here and there. Some for drinks and candies.

Japan has lots of vending machines too~

↑ Taken by sheep in Japan, year 2007 around Autumn time.

Whenever I walk up to one, I would go through the line up of goodies and check the lights to see which are available and at how much. Also, whether it accept notes. But it won’t feel natural to pay with notes because I’d rather make use of my coins.

Anyway, then it comes to inserting the coins one by one. It does get annoying when the machine keeps rejecting a certain coin so always remember to bring extra coins in order to cheat the machine!  (Laughs)

After that…well…I’d probably choose the same junk despite the given variety but it’s just great to know there are options.

Press the button and voila~ Comes the “Ko-bank!” sound and I’d eagerly reach in my hands to collect my drink or candy. (Laughs)

Somehow, buying from a vending machine makes me happy…in a silly way if you think so. <´•ω•`>

Right now, I’m kind of wishing that there will be one at the park nearby. Then again, knowing Malaysians, we are champions in vandalizing public property… <_   _>lll

Perhaps I should station Auwlithe to guard that vending machine for me. (Laughs)


Sheep is done for now. <^ε^>

So…Do you like vending machines too? (Laughs)

↑ Bought this DIY handmade stuff at City Square for RM45.80.

Can’t wait to start assembling the parts! <^-^>/

What exactly is it? <.___.>{?]

Sheep will show everyone once she is done. For now, night-night~