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How do I start this blog entry? I’m pretty sure you’re tired of reading openers that almost all the time consist of “Hello! Good morning! How are you? Happy birthday! This is Ms Aya who —-” bla bla bla.

Opening lines can be so difficult! Just when I thought being a Gemini who supposedly excels in communication, this should come by easily for me! <`A´>/

I’m beginning to doubt myself as a Gemini. <;__;>

Do you know what a Gemini is? <.__.> ↓

Gemini is 1 of the 12 star signs in the zodiac family, each embedded which different and unique tray of characteristics. We can’t choose our star sign as it is according to our birth date. The purpose of star signs is to help you know yourself better, discover your luck and power, as well as a guide to choosing a compatible soul mate. In short, it’s all about characteristics and chemistry.

You all do know your star sign, don’t you? (Laughs) Aquarius, Pisces, Aries…

There are people who consider all this daily luck reading and zodiac personalities to be ultimate bullshit because — it’s too general.

For example:

TAURUS – You are known to be stubborn

If you were to tell a Sagittarius that he is stubborn, he may agree. And it could have nothing to do with being a Taurus or not. Everyone is stubborn in dissimilar ways. Maybe it’s a matter of who is more stubborn and Taurus might be the ultimate hard-headed people.

This goes to say that the zodiac characteristics is too generalized and it is quite ridiculous to believe that in this big, big world that is human infested, there are only as little as 12 types of characteristic group.

As for daily predictions that you religiously check in the newspapers, for instance:

LIBRA – An exciting individual is going to enter the room and sweep your feet off the ground. Be bold and switch on your charm because this person is going to be essential in your romance arena!”

Or something like that la. >__<

It’s hard to believe all the Libras are going to turn on their smexy devilish mode and success in that investment? If so, explain why your Libra sister came home with disappointment of not meeting anybody?

The readings and predictions could be accurate for some people while others, they just have to find out themselves. It depends how you take it, whether with great optimism or a pinch of salt.

Personally, I’m not very interested in the daily forecast however, I do believe there is some truth in star signs and their characteristics. Did I not just say they are too generalized? Yes, it is, should you read from the newspapers, magazines or those little birthday key chains.

Instead, try reading a book entirely on Astrology and you may get a proper and much more complete information regarding the zodiacs and their unique set of characteristics. I mean — short lines of “You’re kind, helpful and generous” isn’t going to sum up or explain why a Pisces is different from a Cancer despite that both are of passive signs.

Or who is powerful lover; An Aries or a Leo? There is a depth to that common and brief “Scorpio is a mysterious,  secretive and instinctive lover.”

Anyway, I’m not an Astrologist (Heck, I don’t even know the correct order of our Solar System) ergo, do Google if you would like to know more about behaviors according to horoscopes. You can also find such books in the New Age section.

I have this book that is enriched with horoscope information that it even includes details on some sort of Mathematical chart that reads and determines compatibility, BI-wheels and lots of stuff.

Well, hardcore Astrology fans would be thrilled to learn all there is to know pertaining this subject. But for some of us, that is overload of Science and we only want to know ourselves better and who we are compatible with, correct? (Laughs)

For a quick reference on characteristics, the following are traits of each of the 12 signs. ↓

※ Quoted from The Astrology Bible by Judy Hall.

Fire | Earth | Air | Water

♈ ARIES – The Ram
Dates: 20 March – 19 April
Keywords: Self-expression, assertion, forcefulness, urgency, initiative, courage, aggression, impulse, enterprise, passion, selfishness, leadership, egotism, combustible, foolhardy, survival instinct.

♉ TAURUS – The Bull
Dates: 20 April – 20 May
Keywords: Endurance, materialism, steadfastness, productivity, practicality, thoroughness, security, fixity, sensuality, stubbornness, possessive, routine, patient, slow, hedonistic, self-indulgent.

♊ GEMINI – The Twins
Dates: 21 May – 20 June
Keywords: Communicative, multi-faceted, adaptability, duality, duplicity, versatility, inquisitiveness, sociability, superficiality, cunning, wit, two-faced, capricious, restless, fickle, symmetry.

♋ CANCER – The Crab
Dates: 21 June – 22 July
Keywords: Nurture, emotionality, defensiveness, sympathy, vulnerability, clinging, tenacity, ambition, , moody, protective, touchy, clannish, shrewd, insecure, nostalgia, sentimental, manipulative.

♌ LEO – The Lion
Dates: 23 July – 22 August
Keywords: Endurance, regal, pride, enthusiasm, self-assurance,  generosity, opinionated, playfulness, boisterous, conceit, drama, benevolent, overbearing, dignified, pompous, patronizing.

♍ VIRGO – The Maiden
Dates: 23 August – 22 September
Keywords: Service, discrimination, analysis, efficiency, perfectionism, conscientious, purity, fruitfulness, fastidious, submissive, modest, efficient, nit-picking,  pedantic, narrow-minded.

♎ LIBRA – The Scales
Dates: 23 September – 22 October
Keywords: Relationships, harmony, partnership, cooperation, diplomatic, conciliation, perfectionist, indecisive, compromise, insincerity, judgment, adjustment, adaptation, vacillating, frivolous, peaceable, congenial, aesthetic, determined.

♏ SCORPIO – The Scorpion
Dates: 23 October – 21 November
Keywords: Transformation, intensity, mastery, magnetism, penetration, power, sexuality, secrets, destruction, mysterious, suspicious, covert, trauma, self-destruction, vindictive, resentment, controlling.

♐ SAGITTARIUS – The Archer
Dates: 22 November- 21 December
Keywords: Seeker, quest, questioning, adventure, spontaneity, optimism, tactlessness, philosophy, freedom, careless, idealistic, extravagant, jovial, freedom-loving, exaggeration, restlessness.

♑ CAPRICORN – The Goat
Dates: 22 December – 20 January
Keywords: Consolidation, authority, authoritarianism, discipline, conversation, caution, responsibility, duty, consistency, scapegoat, society, pessimism, prudent, patient, conventional, narrow-minded, callous.

♒ AQUARIUS – The Water Bearer
Dates: 21 January – 18 February
Keywords: Humanity, detachment, dispassion, revolution, rebellion, reform, reason, eccentricity, idealism, brotherhood, objective, erratic, gregarious, scientific, progressive, eccentric.

♓ PISCES – The Fishes
Dates: 19 February – 19 March
Keywords: Compassionate, impressionable, receptive, vacillation, imagination, malleable, mysticism, transcendent,  union, dreamer, confusion, elusive, self-effacing.

The keywords provided may seem very general to fact..they are quite abrupt because the book has more to say however, I’m not about to type every detail out..that would be plagiarizing! <`A´>/

You can read from this website for further details~:

Just click on your horoscope sign and read through. \<^∀^>/

That said, after reading and getting to know your zodiac characteristics — What do you think?

Are you precisely as how your zodiac says you are? And do you like being the way you are?

Are you proud to be a Virgo? A Capricorn?

For me as a Gemini…Well…I don’t like most of the characteristics because…it makes me sound as though I’m an insincere, cunning and manipulative person. In short, a bad sheep who is out to con people! <TAT> (Cries)

If I were to go on emphasizing what I meant, it’s going to be a windbag of diarrhea so perhaps, I shall blog regarding it separately — or never. <-___->

(Laughs nervously)

Baa~ Sheep wonders…<u__u> Will she end up with an Aquarius…Or some other ‘species’… <^-^>lll

So anyway, tell me what you think about this whole Astrology topic; the characteristics, relationships, luck, true or false — anything!

All that has been said in this blog post is strictly based on my own opinions. I’m not a Zodiac guru and the information may be invalid and unreliable so by all means, please do not take the information here too seriously. Thank you. <^-^>lll

PS: Oh wow…I pulled through the opening. Y~ay! Gemini power~! (Laughs)

It’s Vintage, Dear~

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Good afternoon~!

Do you like the new blog layout~?

Looks very much like a diary, doesn’t it? (Laughs)

Many thanks to the awesome designer who created this lovely theme~!

For Blogspot users, you too can use this theme so do check out by clicking the above link. ↑

Well…The purpose of this blog entry is to share with you some goodies~

If you would like to give some of your photos the vintage and photo aging effect, I’ve found some really good and easy Photoshop tutorials that can guide you. <^ε^>

What I meant by the ‘Vintage‘ look is as shown as beneath. ↓

Vintage and Photo Aging Effect

(Laughs nervously) My first batch of self-made vintage photos… <^-^>lll

Will certainly try to make nicer ones in the future~! <^v^>/


Just so you can see the difference, here are the raw photos (before editing). ↓

It doesn’t take long to convert plain images to stunning and marvelous vintage photos. All it takes is some adjustments to the colors (make it yellowish) and then apply some layers of textures to the image.

For proper instructions, do check out the tutorials beneath~! ↓

Let’s say you are quite lazy to go through all the links above, then just pick 1 of the thumbnails will do. <^w^>/

Most important of all, you will need textures to create such effects.

For a start, you can download some textures from here:

Do check out this user’s DA for she has really nice artworks as well! ↑


I hope the links above are useful and if you have done any nice vintage photos…Sheep would like to see them~ (Laughs)

Now, excuse sheep…In a hurry to leave soon. Going to watch Unstoppable later~ ↓ (Grins)

When I first saw the poster, I thought this movie only has 2 people starring in it. But after watching the trailer…It seems more than that…So yea..

See you later~!

Latest Artwork~!

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Good afternoon~!

Sheep is still very genki at the moment and if this goes on any longer — sheep could be a nuisance to everyone!

The culprit behind this genki power is —- unknown…I too have no idea where this positive energy was transmitted from! <^-^>lll

Supposed you are feeling down all of the sudden, it could be — Sheep has stolen your source of happiness. Truly sorry and didn’t mean to!

Oh yes, the other night..I drew a picture and said it will be posted, didn’t I?

Well here you go~ ↓

The idea and technique was inspired by Yoh’s Monochrome World!

You should go check out her gallery; her drawings are fabulous and extremely detailed! Definitely a work of a meticulous hand!

I struggled to draw the lines on the hair and despite its completion…feel there is something missing out…and the lines are too crooked, ne?

Alrighty, got to go now~ I hear thunder and …I smell smoke… <o_o>

Report later~ Toodles!

UPDATE! [5:26pm, Saturday]

Don’t be alarmed! The smoke came from one of my neighbors (Golden’s house). The woman was burning some stuff…Wow…The thunder was rumbling very loudly and viciously…dare she come out and do her burning at such a time? Mmm….. <u__u>

Well then…It’s evening now. You all must be having a good Saturday time, huh? Hanging out with friends.

Very well. This is Ms Aya, wishing you all have a good weekend~♥ <^ε^>/

Ms Aya | Sheep

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Good morning, everyone!

Short entry here! <^∀^>/

First of all, my apologies *again* for the eyesore “Bandwidth Exceeded” banners all over this blog. There’s really nothing I can do about it… Although I can pay a fee to upgrade my Photobucket account to Pro as they insist however — let’s not consider this an option, ok? (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is too stingy to pay anyone money! <-__->

Anyway… As mentioned in my tweets earlier, regarding a stupid cockroach that came out of nowhere while I was eating Mcdonald’s pan cakes…

I just want to tell you — Damn! Ridsect is bloody effective in killing cockroaches, almost instantly~☆! ↓

You don’t have to spray so much as though you’re fogging the whole house, don’t have to follow the stupid cockroach all over the place to make sure its dead and then clean up after its trail of yellow-greenie goo!

Just Ridsect the bugger (it will somehow J-walk a little bit) and there — it’s upside down, dead and ready to be swept away into the bin! <^∀^>/

If the pest is still somehow kicking, that’s about as much as it does — it kicks a little bit but at least — not crawl everywhere.

Bloody useful tool to have in the house~☆!

Well…If you are too stingy or don’t trust such a weapon..there’s always slippers and newspapers to smack the roaches. (Laughs)

- The END -

PS: Flying cockroaches are scary, don’t you think so? Have you been assaulted by one before? (Shivers)