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Good morning, everyone!

Short entry here! <^∀^>/

First of all, my apologies *again* for the eyesore “Bandwidth Exceeded” banners all over this blog. There’s really nothing I can do about it… Although I can pay a fee to upgrade my Photobucket account to Pro as they insist however — let’s not consider this an option, ok? (Laughs nervously)

Sheep is too stingy to pay anyone money! <-__->

Anyway… As mentioned in my tweets earlier, regarding a stupid cockroach that came out of nowhere while I was eating Mcdonald’s pan cakes…

I just want to tell you — Damn! Ridsect is bloody effective in killing cockroaches, almost instantly~☆! ↓

You don’t have to spray so much as though you’re fogging the whole house, don’t have to follow the stupid cockroach all over the place to make sure its dead and then clean up after its trail of yellow-greenie goo!

Just Ridsect the bugger (it will somehow J-walk a little bit) and there — it’s upside down, dead and ready to be swept away into the bin! <^∀^>/

If the pest is still somehow kicking, that’s about as much as it does — it kicks a little bit but at least — not crawl everywhere.

Bloody useful tool to have in the house~☆!

Well…If you are too stingy or don’t trust such a weapon..there’s always slippers and newspapers to smack the roaches. (Laughs)

- The END -

PS: Flying cockroaches are scary, don’t you think so? Have you been assaulted by one before? (Shivers)

Mood: Swinging

Great day, everyone~!

We’re now in the month of November and pretty soon, we’ll be celebrating for the coming year! But let’s hold that on and first, greet our fellow Scorpios and early Sagittarius — Happy birthday~

Wow….November…soon December comes and it will be the end of 2010. And then it’s 2011. <—ω—>≈

This year, newly weds were nuts over the 10/10/10 date. Priorly, it was 9/9/9, 8/8/8 and so on. (they are just numbers, in my opinion..). Well 2012 will be the last time we’ll ever hear of this nonsense (ok, beautiful and fated numbers to some of you) unless all of the sudden there’s such thing as 13/13/13.

So next year is going to be very intense…Can you imagine newly weds squaring off in the Registrar of Marriage to destine themselves on 11/11/11?

Usually, 3 types of people are in this bandwagon:

  1. whoever’s birthday falls on that date
  2. gamblers who bet numbers at Toto/Magnum
  3. couples who are about to get married

…Marriage… (Laughs)

A few days ago, my mother’s friend gave me this book. ↓

We were former neighbors so she sort of know that my social life is crap. <^-^>lll

She has 2 grown up daughters of her own and she does worry about their love life a lot. It seems that her daughters are too busy working and they just can’t find a suitable man to bring home and proudly introduce to their family.

My mother is beginning to worry about mine too. (Laughs)

I do wonder why is it so difficult for some of us (men and women) to find The One. Is it because the time is not right? We are not riped? We are searching the wrong places? Wrong person?

Ladies…You think you know what kind of man you want as your hubby. You must have written out a whole book (or shall we say ‘manual’) on what you want him to be, do, look like and so on. In the most lame way of saying, you ‘customize’ him. <—ω—>≈

And gentlemen, you know darn well the kind of woman you’d like to have cooking and supporting you always by your side.

I wonder…by thinking that we know what or who we that enough as a map to help us look for The One… <u__u>

[ . . . ]


What’s with this topic?

We’re still young, aren’t we? <^v^>/ Ladies..Our biological clocks aren’t due so soon anyway. <^x^>lll

Truthfully…I don’t see myself whisking down the aisl —- I don’t even know what it’s called (and whether ‘whisking’ can be used here). It would be a lie if I told you I don’t dream of love. I do and it does get me riled up like a little child running inside the candy store.

But dreams are dreams; they are perfect in the mind however in reality, it’s a fucking a myth.

This, I blame romance novels and poets for injecting false beliefs into our heads! <`A´>/


Anyway —

Speaking of parents worrying for their children’s love life…

Don’t you find it funny that when you were schooling, your parents forbid you from getting into a relationship and now that you are older, they are pushing you to get started with your love life?

Some of you may have very open minded parents who will chill with whatever you’re up to regardless of your age. For some…you have strict parents who would interrogate you each time you receive a phone call from ‘a friend’ ?

(Laughs) How many of you here have strict parents and liberal ones, I wonder.

And if you want to express about your parents being overly protective, go right ahead. Sheep won’t inform your parents what you have written. Hohohoho~ ← The “Cannot-be-trusted” face. (Laughs)

Mine is pretty liberal and they didn’t have to worry about me coming home with a guy. Such an obedient sheep, ne?

さてっと~Sheep should be making her move now. <^-^>

Everyone, have a good day~

PS: If somehow..Sheep is able to find and marry her beloved bishie  — IF! Do you suppose sheep can make it for 11/11/11? Or maximum — 12/12/12? <o_o>

Mood: Annoyed


This is Ms Aya who unexpectedly woke up rather early thanks to the noises outside that were caused by Auwlithe~

Also, Auwlithe jumped on my bed in desperation to get the reluctant sheep out of bed. <x__x>

The neighbor who lives a few houses away from mine owns a Golden Retriever named, Golden. In this week, Golden seems to be out of the house on his own more often than ever. The first time I caught Golden lingering outside my house was one night which initiated Auwlithe’s hatred for the big bugger. His owner said their automatic gate spoiled and somehow Golden budged his way out. I didn’t hold any grudges because I took his word that it wasn’t on purpose however, this few mornings and nights, the dog has been roaming out — more specifically, in front of my house.

What harm does the dog do? <.__.>

Well, he treats my front garden as his toilet. The dog is killing my mother’s plants and being a nuisance! And the thing is — The dog refuses to go back home!

I did go over to tell Golden’s household but one of them just said, “Don’t worry! He will come back by himself!” and continued to watch TV like a couch potato. <-__->

Heh..I didn’t come over with worries that your dog will go missing.

It’s past 12am; your dog is stomping all over my plants, peeing all over the place and Auwlithe won’t stop barking until your GR leaves. Also seeing how cool he was about the dog going out, it seemed like he allowed the dog to do so.

In the end, I had to drag the animal back to the house and close the gate. Guess what? Not a word of apology or thanks came from the man. I was very angry that night so I sort of refused to just leave quietly.

I scolded him…and hoped that after this, he will tell the people in the house not to simply let the dog out as he treats my house as his private loo.

But noooo~

They still do it.

And this morning, the stupid dog came over as usual.

Pissed, I took Auwlithe with me and went over to Golden’s house to have a word with the owner. Now, I didn’t really have an idea whether the dog ran out by himself or they let him out so I started out by casually saying, “Your dog seems to be going out on his own lately.”

The retired mister smiled and said that he let him out on purpose, to see if the dog knows how to come back on his own. He even said, the dog will go to my house and then only return home.

I was very flabbergasted knowing it was on purpose and he knew…his dog will hang around my house. Cannot he hear my dog barking the whole night because of his dog? It’s disturbing everyone’s peace! And they don’t monitor their dog! Instead they shut their doors and pretend no one is home. I have to bring the dog back!

I don’t want this to be a part of my routine, damn it!

Anyway, I told him off that his dog treats my house as his toilet and no way am I telling my Auwlithe to shut up because it is his job to bark at intruders. My dog attacked Golden a couple of times and I’m not going to take any responsibilities for any harm done.

Is sheep being harsh?

I have to because they are not the only irresponsible neighbors who leisurely allow their dogs to do their disposals in front of my house.

There’s this man who lives in the back row. Every morning he goes out for a jog with 2 dogs; one leashed up and another loose. Each time this trio by pass my house, mum and I would find unpleasant drops outside. And the thing about this man is — he has the cheek to smile at us whenever he passes by and in the act of his dogs’ crime!

This time, my mother couldn’t take it so she waited for this asshole to jog by and scolded the man.

Of all the mother fucking places, he chooses to let the dog piss/shit in front of my house. There’s an empty space opposite which dogs can do their business but no — they choose our home.

It’s not like we have done anything bad to them. In fact, we were really nice to Golden’s family and sometimes, we give food to them.

Sigh….could it be? They think there are only ladies in the house hence they are not afraid?

Grr…They should know…We have a brave man in the house — and he is Auwlithe~! ↓

Love my dear baby~

And love him even more for behaving himself and not simply going to people’s house. Though…he has the tendency to scold people outside their homes. <_   _>

So one advice for any of you who are having such problems with your neighbors: Go ahead and tell them off!

What’s the point of wanting to maintain a good relationship with your neighbors but they are inconsiderate towards you?

All these pet problems may sound petty however, it gets on anyone’s nerves and you don’t have to clean after and endure them!

[ . . . ]

Owkie…I think I’m being too long winded with my rants so —- sheep is going to start her day now~! \<^ε^>


Enjoy yours and if you have any complaints about your neighbors and wish to rant as well, by all means go ahead~! <^-^>/

Release your tension! (Laughs)

PS: Speaking of which, when I was telling Golden’s master off, Auwlithe was also growling and barking at Golden. When we left their premises, Auwlithe seemed really pleased! I guess…he also gave Golden a piece of his mind~! (Laughs)

Mood: Dumb

At first, I thought of putting the title as “– Running Dry” instead of “– Going Dry” however, my brain is not running at all hence the latter title. <x__x>

Yes, it’s that bad and for this reason, sheep has been away from the blog. This noon, I tried to finish up a blog entry which I’ll be posting about… It’s really far from completion! <;__;> (Cries)

Face also become so dummified! <≥A≤>/

Oh by the way, I straightened my hair. It doesn’t look so messy as before, does it? <´•__•`> (Laughs nervously)

My ex-schoolmate suggested that I should straighten it. Apparently it suits me and since he saw me in straight wool before, I half-heartedly took his word. Well…He was partly right, it looks much more neater and is more manageable however, I do miss my messy hair because — it shields me face, most especially, my eyes! ↓

I’m the type of person who is scared of eye contacts. Somehow, looking into people’s eyes makes me feel weird. Not to say the person is unpleasant to look at — I just find myself to be rude for gazing into his/her iris. Sometimes I feel they don’t like it when I look into their eyes either. It’s like a forbidden rule for me.

And when people look into mine, well — exposure and insecurity gets to me like a sudden splash of icy water onto my face.

I read that eye contact is the most powerful charm to drive a person into falling in love with you. In poems, movies, fictions, real life stories or a testimonial from a friend — the eyes, more often than not, is partly the reason why people fall in love and feel the attraction simply from looking into the eyes.

A sense of sincerity? Adoration?  Attention?

I can’t tell you with experience as I’ve not felt such surges when engaging eyes with another. In fact, I can’t bloody last for 5 seconds.

So those of you who have met me or when any of you meet me for that matter, please know that if sheep averts her eyes away from yours, it doesn’t mean she finds you weird or indecent to look at. It’s mostly because sheep has this phobia.

(Laughs) I think the fear and lack of eye engagement is quite a common problem, among introvert people especially.

Baa…  <u__u>

Are eyes really sexy to look at and study? <.__.>

I’d say anime eyes are really sexy (referring to male characters, most definitely!) But in the real world…is this why many women are hard up for double eyelids and for huger eyes? Because it plays an absolutely essential role in captivating potential quarry?

I can go on asking all sorts of noob questions but let’s stop here, shall we?


Tell me, do you have problems establishing eye contacts with people? If you don’t have such a problem, how did you go about to doing it without the worries that we shy people live with? Apart from being not shy, of course. <^v^>/


What kind of thoughts do you get running in your head when someone is looking into your eyes? Do you enjoy the attention? Or feel disgusted? <OAO>!!!

Answers and opinions from you are most welcomed! <^x^>/

PS: Bought 2 new diaries from Action City. Small book: RM19.++. Medium size: RM22.++