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I would never want to wake up from my sleep and dreams where I feel the most safest however because of responsibility, I just have to wake up to this cruel, realistic world.

Just kidding. I wake up because I’m hungry. ( ̄▽ ̄)

Life is a Huge Fun Fare

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I view life as a huge fun fare. A place, a world filled with a variety of games and infinite amusements. It is like we have a bag of tokens and coupons to try out rides and games.

Of course, nothing comes free. That’s why we obtain these tokens and coupons to exchange that chance of trying out a ride or a game.

But why o why, did I accumulate so much of tokens and yet I am not able to find a single thing that interests me enough to splash them all. Although I could try a little bit of each without strings attached, I really just want to get the things that I desire yet in such a vast world, I am not able to find it.

… What am I to do with my tokens? ;_;

Chicken as a Pet

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Oisu, my grand readers~

This is Ms Aya who is excited to play RE: Revelations however since mum is still hogging the TV… Hello! (Waves)

Some time ago, I was in the car and along the way I saw some chickens somewhere in a small field.

It reminded me of a time when I was 7 ~ 9 years old, my dad phoned the house and delightedly announced that he has got a surprise for our family. He said it has to do with ‘pets’.

As a kid, I wanted a dog so of course the news got me riled up and I eagerly awaited my father’s return.

My father was never someone who would come home on time.. sometimes not at all however I trusted he would come home that evening.

True to his promise, my face lit up when I saw his Volvo parked outside our house. I hurried to see what pet he brought to then… be immediately robbed of my happiness.

It was a pair of chickens; a black cock and a brown hen.

For that whole time my mind was whining, “Why chickens!? Why not a puppy!?”

What and how are we to keep these creatures!?

My mother was furious because she thinks such creatures are troublesome and aren’t exactly pet material but my father insisted that he got them from a temple and they bring good luck.

In any case, we reluctantly kept those chickens with us and I tried to treat them like any other pet. You know.. Patting their heads, talking to them and showing some form of affections.

However I felt whatever I did could not reach them as they didn’t seem to understand. They aren’t like dogs in which when you call their names, they’d come over. We couldn’t even think of a name for the chickens.

As days went by, my mother got sick of cleaning after their mess and excrement that she decided to release and let them wander to their disappearance.

I remembered she placed them in a big black plastic bag at our back alley, left untied of course.

Although I did not fancy the chickens because my affections were not returned, I thought I should sneak out and pat them one last time as a parting gift.

When I got out, the black guy was missing and the hen was left.

I noticed she was behaving rather unusually as she had always been active. Instead, she was curled up in the bag and seemed rather scared.

I patted her and for a moment, felt sad that she is being abandoned in this manner.

I went in and later, thought of checking on her again and even wanted to keep her as a pet however by then she was missing.

I never knew what happened and where the pair wandered off. Though one of the neighbor girl kept apologizing to me saying that her father wanted to catch our chickens and cook them.. I’m not sure if that really happened. x_x

The dumb thing we discovered later was that my father actually received those pair of chickens as his wedding gift with his bloody 3rd wife. x_x

… Shitty huh?

Anyway, that’s that.

As a child, we all like to have pets, don’t you think? Commonly we start out with fishes, terrapins and dogs.

What pet did you want as a kid? You tell me.

Baa~ My mum got off the TV so it’s gaming time~

But before I leave this blog to collect virtual dust again…

On a totally unrelated note… ↓

Today I got to finally meet Krayle-chan~

We got to know each other via blogging and for all this time, we kept in touch from time to time through social medias.

At the moment, she’s running for ambassador at the J-Runway store. I think Singaporeans will know about this stuff.

So yea, do check her out here. ^^

… My PS3 is calling.

Toodles~ :D

Movie Talk!

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Good day!

This is Ms Aya blogging to you in Starbucks! My eyes are on the verge of shutting so here I am, blogging just so I do not doze off in public. Imagine how awkward it’d be!
Although my intention is to write about people and photography, that shall come another time.

For this whole day, I have movies on my mind; 80s to today’s date but mostly reminiscing old school movies such as The Frighteners, Demon Knight, Hardware, Child’s Play and other horror movies.
During my childhood, we used to rent tapes from a store and majority were horror and action movies.

I scarcely remember having any comedy or one of those touching kind of movies. Well apart from Edward Scissorhands and Powder.
Anyway because I was quite young at that time, I could not understand the context for certain movies (eg: Powder. I can only remember a very white and pale man running down the streets and then in an open field, he got struck by lightning).

That said, I’m looking up on Youtube and Wikipedia to get a better understanding on those movies which I could not fathom from long ago. However there are some movies which I could not remember their titles.

I remember there was a movie about a woman escaping to the forest on a unicorn and in the midst, the unicorn fell into a quick sand puddle and was unable to pull out hence died.

Another movie would be along the title of Houses on Terror Track. I tried looking for this movie but can’t seem to find it. Perhaps the title is wrong. Mmm…

It is about this newly weds who wishes to buy a house to start their marriage life. So they were taken by a real estate agent to view the houses in a particular street. They were captivated by the first house they visited however the agent told them that it is haunted and goes into telling the story. The previous husband and wife were possessed and cursed into repeating the same murder scene whereby the husband gets possessed, kills wife and then proceed to hang himself. As the audience, we get to see the flash backs.

After knowing about the incident and sensing the tingles, the newly weds decided to decline and move to see the next house.

In the second house, again they were taken and once more, was told about its residents and gruesome story. The previous family had a daughter who one day found a black monkey and decided to adopt it. However the monkey was mischievous and so evil, it costed the lives of the people in the house while the little girl still sided the monkey despite the misfortunes.

Bothered by such a tale, the newly weds did not want the house and moved to the third.

I cannot remember what is the third tale but after that, the newly weds were very spooked and bend on leaving that neighborhood. The real estate got so desperate and pestered the husband to sign the papers and accept the house.

The agent who was rejected by the weds became so disoriented and insane, stabbed his pen into the husband’s eyes and then chased the wife down the street screaming for her to sign the agreement papers. As the wife was running for her life, she passed by the neighbors yelling for help to realize they were a bunch of psychos carrying out twisted activities such as children bathing in a pool of blood, mowing a corpse and so on.

Well.. This is as much as I remember the movie. Damn, if only I knew what the title is! (Cries)

I’d like to rewatch it someday! (Laughs)

Mm… There is something I would like to point out and be clear though.

Sheep is not a movie buff. I mean — I like movies but would not declare to be a movie buff.

Unlike movie buffs, I do not know all the back scenes and the facts about movies. Sure, I like to talk about movies and listen to what others say however, sometimes people thought of me to be a fanatic and then gets disappointed when I don’t seem to match their wave length.

Well you can say sheep is superficial in many things therefore, I apologize and please don’t have high hopes for me at all.

Aah… I’m still in Starbucks. So lonely here. T_T