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Afternoon all~

A very short rant here and a little food for your thought.

I’m pretty sure you have been asked many times on what kind of person you would like to befriend or fall in love with.

There is always this kind of discussion among friends — mostly with girls as guys may be a bit shy or not bothered at all with this sort of talk.

Well generally, we all will answer that we want a person with a good heart, no matter the looks. We may mention more plus sides such as hard working, good at sports and so on however the bottom line is that we all want someone who has virtues and simply — a good heart.

For some of you, just like me may answer differently and that is we want a good looking person along with a good heart; beautiful in the inside as well as the outside.

Now when I give this as my answer, you can pretty much guess how people look at me afterwards.

You’ll get replies like, “No one is perfect. You can’t find a human that flawless. That is so greedy. You only care about the looks…”


I fail to see why there can only be plain looks BUT good hearted OR beautiful BUT nasty attitude.

Because what I see nowadays are people with not very good looks AND an uglier heart.

If we have that possibility of having an unsightly appearance and an even hideous attitude, there should be a chance we can also find pleasant face and wholesome heart combination.

This quest is not going to be a walk in the park but I think it’s worth while.. And I should start shaping myself to be beautiful in and out to show that it is possible. Because using that whole beauty in the inside is just an excuse for bums not to take care of their body and appearances.

… I may contradict myself on this matter in the future however, for now this is my thinking.

What say you? :D


Standing Among Society

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Good evening, people.

This is Ms Aya who is selfish at the moment and wishes to babble about her ever ridiculous thoughts.

It’s the kind of post that is filled with ‘me’, ‘I’ and ‘myself’ therefore, if you are one to feel sick reading about another’s ‘should-be’ private thoughts (or attention seeking entry), kindly refrain from proceeding. (Laughs)

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Hairstyle at Home

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For some time now, I have been bundling up my hair in this style. ↓

If I am not mistaken, it’s called the ‘Dumpling’ style — a hairstyle which you may mostly see in Korean and Japanese dramas. You tie it like a bun except that it stands 90 degrees on top on your head and usually, you’ll have your forehead expose. (Laughs)

I kind of admire the girls who look cute and are brave to go out with this hairstyle. They can look adorable like Pebbles from The Flintstones. Personally, I don’t like to reveal my forehead and ears so this style is exclusive for home mode. (Laughs nervously)

My favorite hairstyles are tying in loose braids or a pony tail; preferably scoot to the left side rather than dangling over my back.

However, most of the time I let my hair loose when I go out. Partly because I need to hide my neck tattoo or unwanted people will know my name. ^-^lll

[ . . . ]

What is your favorite hair style and for the guys — what kind of style do you like on girls? Long and feminine? Are you fussy over a boyish look? (Laughs)



Lost Photos

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Here to give a little spirit to my blog that has gone as dry as the desert!

Last week I was at my brother’s new (and permanent) house. He has just moved in under a month and has settled down himself pretty well.

The renovations are completed, furniture in place and most of the things are functioning as they should be. The only setback would be the crappy phone reception. We can only receive calls at a certain spot. It’s so funny that I can receive calls from the right side of the bed but not the left. It’s even ridiculous that I can get Wi-Fi connection on the left side of the bed but not the right. (Laughs nervously)

We hope this is a temporary issue since the neighborhood is rather new and still developing.

Well, my brother was very quick to hang up our family photos onto his wall.

I was looking at the pictures to notice that they were taken not too long ago — in the sense that they were taken in our 20′s rather than our baby photos (except for the bottom left. I think I was the one who scanned and e-mailed to him last time).

You see, we don’t have many photos from our younger days. Sure we do have an album. But just one album.

We were not from a well-to-do family so owning a camera at that time was impossible. We had to rely on our relatives to take our photos.

In those years, the cameras we used were of course, not the digital type as we are all using today. It was the old fashion camera that has no cheat mode which allows you to inspect and edit the photo and if not to your satisfaction, you can just delete it and retake.

No, no. It was those film cameras that you can only snap with a limited number (usually 30 rounds?) and you get to see the results in a weeks time.

You have to really put on your best smile because each film are precious and nobody at that time will waste their shots on food, shoes and cats. I should think a person who can appear beautiful in film cameras are truly photogenic as there is no digital help.

I won’t go on with the pros and cons about the film camera and the digitals but instead, will tell you an incident from long time ago.

I was 8 ~ 9 years old then. My aunty from Singapore gave my family a camera as a present and it really excited us. It was the first camera we ever had.

We were so excited to take many family photos to fill up our albums however, before we could use it to our hearts’ content, the camera was gone one day.

We could not find it and of course, we were very upset over the lost.

One day, we discovered about my father’s adultery and somehow went to visit his ’2nd wife’ in her condominium.

While my mother was having a talk with this woman over the coffee table, my brother and I were occupied with the things in.. and outside the place. I could not stop staring at the magazines that seemed to be tossed outside the window. I remember I kept pestering my mother to look at it and both the adult women stopped to entertain me.

The woman went on to talk about my father’s bad temper hence the mess outside the window. My mother confirmed to her about his horrible tantrum.

Then, I noticed some familiar objects around the house. I pestered my mother again to have a look at them and indeed, we were shocked to see some of our things in the living hall.

My favorite horse decoration and basket. The woman said she suspected that those decorations were wedding gifts from his ’3rd wife’.

She then told my mother to wait and went in to her room to take something.

She emerged out of the room with a camera in her hand; a camera that looks very similar to ours.

My mother immediately claimed it was hers and the woman sighed. She said my father gave it to her as their honeymoon gift and even took photos with it. She somehow also had a suspicion he wasn’t sincere with the camera.

I am not sure if my mother took it back but all I know is that we did not take any photos thereafter.

My childhood and family photos kind of stopped at 9 years old. I have very few photos of myself when I was 15 and 17; taken from other relative’s camera.

As for the photos that has my father in it, I took it upon myself to censor his face with a black marker pen. I thought it would make my mother happy.. I was a kid lar. -.-

Anyway, although such an unpleasant incident took place, there is nothing to be sore about. Indeed my father caused a chunk of misery for all of us in many ways however, thanks to my brother, we are living a good and happy life now.

We have camera phones, a digital camera, polaroid, GoPro cam and a DSLR — I don’t know what it’s called — That Canon professional kind of camera.. You tell me. (Laughs)

We may not be able to retrieve the lost images but we in the present, we can capture many others. Such as: ↓

(Laughs) My pampered dog.

[ . . . ]

Aah, I hope my brother gets a girlfriend quick.. Get married so that he can add more photos to his wall (concrete wall, not Facebook wall!).

[ . . . ]

Do you have any interesting photos from the past? :p