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Mood - Silly

Mood - Silly

Everyone…. <^-^>/

Please watch the video message from sheep below~☆

Baa~ \<^x^>/ ↓

Everyone: (=__=)lll{ What the . . . . ]

[ . . . ]

My apologies… <;___;> (Tears)

In this video, I wanted to inform everyone that I’ll be going to KL on the 20th March but the dialog somehow slipped away from my head the minute I lost grip of my camera.  (Laughs nervously) <x__x>

Anyway, I’m just going outstation for a couple of days so I don’t think I can meet anyone… (Truth to speak, I just want to be alone…)

Therefore —- I’m dearly sorry~! m<_  _>m

PS: I bought a new hair clip~♥ ↑

Mood - Disappointed

Mood - Disappointed

Dear Readers,

For those of you who solely visit this blog because you’re a fan of Mira, this is going to be the most devastating and sad news for you then. <´•__•`>lll

Mira is no longer blogging in PaperDiaries due to her commitment in her current job.

In spite of being totally own by her current job and studies, Mira persisted to build this blog with sheep. However, I gave Mira my understandings and now she is free from her blog responsibilities. <´•__•`>

After all, blogging doesn’t earn us any money until now so with that said — I’m sure she appreciates everyone who has been following her entries. <^-^>lll

Mira‘s old posts and tutorials will be remove in case she wants to start a new blog on her own else where AND another reason would be it’s not nice of me to use her entries and tutorials.

That said, now here’s my personal message to Mira,

Thank you for blogging with me until this far! May you live up your dreams and goals~!

Everyone — Please give your applause to Mira-hun. m<_   _>m

From today onwards, please be lenient to sheep who is going solo in blogging. <u__u*>

Re-Opening of PaperDiaries

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements
Mood - in high spirits!

20th November 2K8, Thursday – Midnight.


O go kigen yo, minna-hun~♫! \<^v^>/

This is Ms.Aya the sheep who is speaking on behalf of Mira~♥!

Those who have been following PaperDiaries until today, we are very grateful for your support~! <´•ω•`>/

Right now… ↓

We like to welcome you to our new blog with our open arms~☆!

You see, we always wanted a domain name for our blog and finally — We’ve bought it!

*Dances around together* \(  *^v^)/\<^.^*  >/

Although we’re still upset that we have to forgo the hits that we earned so hard for the passed 3 and a half months… ↓

35,784 hits since July 2K8. No joke and certainly no forging was done.

Ah~well… <u_u>

We’ll strive harder and continue to do our best to take blogging to new heights~☆!

[ . . . ]

At the moment, is in a mess and for that reason, we would like to ask a favor from everyone.

Can your browser view this blog properly?

Any spastic errors? (Other than the header) <.___.>{?]

If there’s anything wrong, please let us know.

Thank you~!


PS: I, Ms.Aya would like to thank those who offered to help sheep in editing this blog’s theme. Even though you weren’t able to do anything, I really appreciate it the fact that you bothered to look into my matter. Also, I would like to thank my brother for setting this blog and amending the errors I made.

Thank you!

… Ne, Mira-hun.. Anything you want to say? <.___.>{?]

… <   ._.>{?]

Ne?.. <._.  >{?}

.. Baa..


PPS: Remember to amend our links to this new blog, honeys! \<^x^>/


Listening to : Halcali - Long Kiss Goodbye

Listening to : Halcali - Long Kiss Goodbye

Konbanwa minna ^^ sorry if im posting late again >.< its because of my time and job as usual.

looks like the blog is finally back again and we can all post and chat once again ! ^^

To tell everyone honestly i am really happy for all of your support with us till now waiting for our domain to be up and coming to join us once more. Please do contiue to support us XD we LOVE you !!! ~~~ no seriously we do love you for your support with us o.o

Keep in touch with our blog domain as we will continue to bring news , events and happenings in our lives with 2 different stories from 2 different girls ^^

Currently problems are trying to be fixed and there will be a few new things available here soon which needs to be get done urgently so do await it XD . GANBARIMASU ~~~

once again :

Ms.Aya and Mira thanks you for your continues support and may you have fun here always ~

Where Are You From?

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements

Dear Valued Readers,

We would like to know where you are from so that we can blog appropriately and according to everyone’s approval.

Therefore, please let us know. <•ω•>/

If you want to remain as an anonymous reader, then you can go ahead and vote using the poll beneath. There’s no need for your details. So having that said, you’ll remain completely anonymous and invisible to everyone. <^x^>/

Note: If your country is not stated in the options below, vote under “Other” and type the name of your country in the orange box provided (beneath ‘Other’)

Additionally, we would like to know the percentage of gender. ↓

With that, we thank you very much for visiting our blog and giving us the silent support. m<_  _>m


Ms.Aya & Mira