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Survey for PaperDiaries

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements
Mood - Bubbly

Mood - Bubbly

Greetings, sweeties~!

I have a favor to ask from you all and I hope it won’t be much of a burden. <´•ω•`>

It’s coming to the end of 2009 and I would like to do a short survey concerning your: gender and country. Well, it’s an annual routine that I’d like to cultivate. (Laughs nervously)

It’s very fast and simple~

Thanks to Polldaddy, you don’t have to type out your particulars in the comments’ section. You just select your answer and clicky ‘Vote’ — it’s done~

For those of you who have been reading in silence (and wish to still be hidden), your identity will remain anonymous — or shall I say, ‘Ninja mode’. (Laughs) So don’t worry about that.

With that said, please do the survey~ m<_  _>m ↓

※  ↓ If your country is not listed in the following poll, please select ‘OTHER’ and don’t forget to type in your country’s name in the provided space.

I would appreciate if you also give some suggestions on how to improve PaperDiaries. That would be lovely and of much help however, please do not feel impel to do so, ok?

Many thanks and adieu~

PS: The surveys will close at midnight (sheep’s timezone) on the 31st December. So please give in your surveys before then~

PPS: In my later entries, sheep will be constantly reminding and urging you to take the survey. It will come across as annoying but please bear with me until I can find a way to make this a sticky post so that I don’t have to loop about it. <TAT>/

Mood - Dandy

Mood - Dandy

Looks like there won’t be any entries for you to read until the sheep returns from her road trip. <u_u>

Baa…Gomenapai, people. <;__;>

Sheep has been enjoying a lot lately at the same time, feeling guilty for being ‘too greedy’. (Laughs nervously) So with that said, may you all have a share of fun and happiness too. \<^v^>/~★!

Regarding my Twitter, you might not be able to see many updates there because my cellphone can’t seem to connect to the Internet at the moment. Something is awfully wrong with my Opera Mini. (Tears)

Baa… <—ω—>

Sheep has to go now. Baa-bai~♪! \<ˆεˆ*>

Mood - Fatigue

Mood - Fatigue

Good day, everyone~!

It’s obvious — my blog’s layout has changed~! ↓

Originally, this blog theme is painted in blue but I decided to add some personal touch to the theme and voila — This is the result of my amateur skills in CSS. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

Nevertheless, credit still goes to Prelco, for creating this awesome blog theme and allowing other fellow bloggers to download it for free. <^x^>/

There are some minor editions that I might be doing later however to my regrets, I have to apprise everyone that if you wish to fill in comments, you’ll have to click on the title of the post because for some reason, there isn’t an upfront comment button that is suppose to lead you to the comment form. <´.__.`>lll

It can be very troublesome thus, I don’t expect many comments from now on, as long as this theme is in use. Unless miraculously, sheep suddenly turn into a computer wizard and resolve this problem. <—ω—> (Laughs)

Having that said, sheep apologizes for the inconvenience. <_  _>lll

About the colors, I was very tempted to ‘pinkify’ the blog however, upon the thought of my male readers, I brought myself to use colors such as blue and yellow. I really hope my combination of colors isn’t hurting anyone’s eyes — boys or girls. <´.__.`>lll

For now, baa-bai~! <^v^>/

Girly Blog Layout for Sheep!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements
Mood - Perky

Mood - Perky

Behold everyone — Sheep’s new blog layout~☆!

*Rejoices!* \<^v^>/

Overall, it’s still the same. Just that the header and background has changed. I also added a new widget and changed the “Email Sheep” as well as the “Notice” widget.

But don’t you think it’s amazing? <^ε^>/

With just a few tweaks here and there — The layout looks so anew, fresh, perky and above all… Girlish~♥! (Giggles)

I always wanted my blog to look like this however, I was afraid that all the pink ribbons and hearts might just scare the male readers away. <^-^>lll (Laughs nervously)

Then again, I want you guys to think about this properly:

It’s better to get caught reading a girl’s blog because it shows that you’re a red blooded male who appreciates girls and their thoughts RATHER THAN stalking your male buddies.


[ . . . ]

You do get my point right? <.___.>{?]

[ . . . ]

Sheep is beyond lame… <_  _>lll (Laughs nervously)

I might tweak the layout a little bit more so expect some minor changes and if you happen to visit PaperDiaries while I’m tweaking, don’t be surprise to see it in a total mess~♫! \<^v^\> (Laughs)

That’s all for sheep’s announcements~♥

I want to give my credits to: Bubbly Funk.

Sheep found some really nice backgrounds from there and sheep just felt wrong if she takes them without handing any credits to that site.

That said — If you love papers and handy crafts, do drop by Bubbly Funk. They have lots of lovely and creative papers and stickers that will make ones eyes go U~waaa~! (Of course, you’ll only get this effect if you are like sheep who adores such stuffs)