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Good afternoon, boys and girls~

As the title has suggested, PaperDiaries is going to be quite idle throughout this week and might extend till the next.

This is because sheep has some offline things to do at the moment and also would like to spend time writing thoughts down in paper before your eyes. (Laughs)

Well, I feel that my communication skills is failing, partly because lately I haven’t been speaking and writing in proper English. <x__x>

That said, sheep needs to read more and write random essays as a practice~! (All fired up!)

Oh ya, here are a few sites you can visit if you’re really bored and looking for a good read. I won’t say I have excellent taste in reading materials however, just check them out, ok?

I’ve actually added them to my sidebar of links for some time already but not sure if anyone does pay attention to that lonely, chunk of words therefore…here goes~♥ <^ε^> ↓

[ Please click on the image to view site ]


2leep – A directory of articles and blog posts around the interwebs. You can find all sorts of funny and interesting articles here.

Hawtness: Women of WTF – For the healthy men! (Laughs)

Whimsical Bites – A friend of mine has started a food blog with her bestie. For now, they would like to only be known as F and J. In this blog, you can find recipes ranging from the East to West — we’ll see more for sure as they have only commenced their food blog not long ago.


Apart from the given links above, I guess that’s all there is. (Laughs nervously)

I’m done so please excuse sheep~ <—ω—>

Oh wait..How rude of me to leave without greeting the Libras – Happy Birthday~!

I know quite a number of Libras; Fe , Dino-chan, Saru’s mother, MY MOTHER, my ex-neighbor who used to give me some food…

To all of you, have an enjoyable and joyous birthday~

Not forgetting the early Scorpions like Nic~

Well then, buubai~

- Hugs and kisses from the…Sorry-I’m-not-pretty-and-I’m-just… an Ordinary ‘O’ Type Girl~

Baka Error Going On

Posted by: Ms Ayain Announcements

So it seems… ↓

My photobucket account has exceeded its bandwidth — whatever the fuck it is la, I don’t know.

When I checked my blog this morning, I saw the above and facepalmed →

I thought the images that I’ve posted were offensive and highly inappropriate.. you know? Something like when you publish pornographic/obscene pictures in forums or image hosts and you get banned. Then the offensive pictures either get removed or replaced with messages such as “This user is banned for (insert cyber crime here)”. <.__.>

Hahaha, you and I know there aren’t such forbidden content here. <TAT>/

Oh well…Until sheep figures this out…Bear with the ‘Upgrade to Pro today’ messages! <^x^>lll

My apologies to those who stumbled here for cosplay pictures, tutorials and reviews. Very sorry! <_  _>lll

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Don’t get your hopes too high! <`д´>/

I’m not blogging a review on the LG Lollipop as I don’t have it. <OдO>{!!!]

BUT! <ºдº>

I found a reasonably good review in regards to the phone. Just that — It’s in Thai.

That’s right — In Thai.

If you have Google Translator or that sort of tool, awesome. It won’t be a very smooth and fluent read but you can roughly fathom what the review says.

Click here to read the review

The review talks about the shape of the phone, the usage, entertainment, organizer, Internet, camera and battery. There are 9 pages in total. So remember to click ‘Next‘ to hop on to the next page.

I hope after this, I won’t be getting too many questions in relation to Lollipop and Lollipop 1.

Questions for LG Ice-cream and Samsung Star are welcome because I have the phones in hand~

(Actively using Samsung Star because of its Wee-Fee!) <^▽^>/~★

Well then, sheep is off the continue her Saturday by being a lazy bum. (Laughs) <—ω—>/

Mood - Sick

Mood - Sick


After learning from kioko that LG Lollipop is now being sold in Hong Kong, I’ve then started digging for articles relating to the phone. ↓

Well, the results I’m getting from Google search engine is extremely overwhelming however, I’m just so flabbergasted that I’m not getting the kind of information that I want (which I’ll rant about it later).

Anyway… According to the following articles:

LG Lollipop is already available in Taiwan and Hong Kong.

LGE stated that they will release LG Lollipop in China, North America and Europe somewhere in 2010. If you want to keep tracks on this phone or get a rough idea on how much it cost, then visit the links above and read about them.

For the time being, I’m going to scout for reviews regarding the phone. Seriously, I hate it when people post pictures of the phone but don’t say anything about it. <`A´>

If you have been tracking for updates on this phone, I’m sure you’ve read the specs a thousand times already and watched Big Bang meddling with the phone many a times. But the thing about these articles is — we don’t know if it’s the same for the unlocked version. As in — Can we make video calls or take pictures using the front camera? Unlike how LG Ice-cream turned out, it was a light detector instead of a camera. Bummer, right?

What I really want is a decent review from an average person; like you and me. A sense of reality that the phone exist and somehow can imagine the phone in my palms.

Although I don’t have any intentions on getting myself a LG Lollipop, if given a chance, I would like to have the honor to review it. (Laughs)

I love reviewing cellphones!

Oh yea, it seems there are 2 additional colors of the LG Lollipop available in Korea~. ↓

From what I’m getting out of the Google search results, a lot of people are dying to get their hands on the LG Lollipop. This is mass murder, people! <OAO>

[ . . . ]

Baa… <u_u>

This is Ms Aya who is not feeling so well, logging out. <—ω—>/

PS: Please don’t ask me when is it coming to Malaysia, Singapore or elsewhere. I have no idea. Once I do know something, I’ll share the information via Twitter and my blog.

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