Archive for August 10th, 2017

Yo-oh! I know I shouldn’t be typing this while I’m at work, but there are too many things floating in my head now so in fear of losing them, I decided to dump them here.

I want to list out the many things that I aim to accomplish in my life, whether sooner or later. This is in a way, giving myself a direction and some moments to look forward to. I suggest you sit down and do the same; ask yourself what do you want to do in your life.

Here’s mine, in no particular order:

1. Sky diving
2. Walk on a bridge at some scary ass height — the type that makes you wanna shit bricks
3. Do a handstand
4. Do a back flip
5. Throw a 3 pointer shot
6. Write and deliver my own success speech in a formal event (speaking to a small group of friends does not count!)
7. One act of heroism (Bonus: Earning a bravery award)
8. Work 2 jobs for at least a month or more
9. Dance on top of a table
10. Form my dream team and keep them everlasting
11. To be able to say’ “I’m good at Mathematics.”
12. To be able to say, “I can dance.”
13. To be able to say, “I can sing… selected songs though.”
14. Get a lean and sexy abs
15. Make a guy cry because I’m so awesome
16. Sit on a roof top to watch the sky
17. Fall in love and be loved.

Things I’ve accomplished:
1. Long distance driving on my own. 4 ~ 5 hours plus which I had just achieved last week with my pinkie car. Woot!
2. Swimming (can’t look good while at it but it’s something…)
3. Travel overseas alone (Japan on my own, like 3 manly times!)

Ok, I better stop here and check on my work. More dumping to be done another time.

Ultimately, I want to live a meaningful life.

… What about you?