Am I blogging more frequently off late? Do you prefer my absence over my presence here? Haha, too bad. I do whatever I want.

Well my throat is recovering. As of the previous post, I had since been coughing and deprived of my voice which lasted more than 2 weeks! It was a great inconvenience for me as I could not speak especially while working with people.

At first I cursed having fallen sick to this point however it was a blessing in disguise. I had learned to observe silently on many things. Also I could not immediately retort verbally during certain situations but I guess it was for the better.

Anyway, I was just recalling my anti-social days when I scarcely spoken to anybody. My temporary muteness reminded me of my quiet days back then. After graduating high school, I pretty much fell off the grid and hid in my house. I did communicate with very few people but it was kept at minimum and at a distance. I only had Twitter and my blog during those times.

Repeatedly, I would say my blog had been my bridge to communication, a place I expressed myself to nobody in particular. There were friendly bypassers whom I befriended online and are still in touch via other social media. I thank those people for finding me through this blog. It’s like you’ve been with me through my most lonely days.

Anyway, as the subject is titled.. Now that I think about it, I lived like a ghost for almost 5 years. This was before I started working in the school. I was literally a recluse with no actual job and my days were spent on reading, drawing, gaming and self studying. The only physical social I’ve gotten was with my family and Auwlithe. I even refrained from my neighbors and I visited my friends in KL like, twice a year.

Sometimes when conversing with people about the past, we normally hear campus stories and previous job employment stories. I don’t have much to offer.
But seriously, for 5 years. Wow. I was a hidden useless bum. (Laughs)

During that time, I was bend on keeping away from people and looking for jobs that supported my hindrance for people. I did a few things in silence however it wasn’t enough for a breakthrough in life.

Does my perception change after meeting and mingling with people? On a truthful note, no. I find that whatever I had speculated were true. I won’t emphasize my findings and will save for another post. However all in all, I learned to adapt to people yet remain my principles and pride. I won’t say I have very good principles and honor for anyone to follow but I know it’s something I choose to follow and will go through with it till the end.

It’s been 7 years since then and been out in the public. You know, Auwlithe was my biggest support then as he was my only reason to wake up to this lonesome world. Currently he is getting old and senile; losing his energy and appetite. He is so frail and can barely walk. I dreaded thinking that soon I’ll be dedicating a post about his departure.

Anyway, time’s up. This is all I feel like blogging about. Ambiguity as usual? Well it’s an honest post and at times, confusion happens.

Hahaha, toodles. :)

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