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Greetings, creatures of the universe!

How are you getting on with life? I hope you’re doing awesome and progressing in life. Have you achieved your goals or already challenging new heights?
Even if you have not reached anywhere, please don’t be discouraged. Things take time and especially, courage to pursue.

I won’t say I’m any better. Slowly getting to where I intend to be however it’s going to take time and I’m alright with that. I understand and fully believe in progress than shortcuts.

Anyway rather than spouting about life and its lesson, here’s a slice of what happened.

Some time last week, I went to one of my favorite places for breakfast. I go there so frequent to the point I don’ have to order, they already know what I want.
So anyway, the lady boss asked me for my business card to which unfortunately, I have none. Of course, I got curious and asked her for what purpose she wanted my card. She giggled and said that she wanted to introduce a guy to me because I’m single plus always eating alone and the guy is about the same.

I narrowed my eyes, trying to search her face for seriousness and yes, she seemed serious. Of course, I shrugged this off however a couple of days ago, she handed me an advertisement card that has a name and face on it. She handed over and playfully said, “Here. This is the guy.” And waltz away gleefully.

My face dropped and she is really a nice lady so I summoned enough muscles to curl my lips into a smile and kept the card with me.

Later I went to my colleagues to whine about it as I was telling them about this before.

Seriously… Starting to question what I’ve made myself look like to others. (Tears)

So next week when I go back to that place… I just gotta tell her I did not call him up.. Like duh, imagine someone rings you up and you’re expecting a business prospect but no, here’s a dating proposal instead!

Anyway, to put it positively, I find this to be absolutely hilarious and let’s see if she is going to give me more name cards with pictures of lonely men (Laughs).

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