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What could have happened that brought me here to blog on this lovely morning?

Well it’s 9.24am, a pretty normal time for people to rise and shine. Although nowadays on off days, people prefer to sleep in a little late.

Anyway I thought I woke up early enough to beat some guys to the basketball court however to my disappointment, they are already there.

Sigh. I don’t play intense basketball. I like the sport however I don’t play enough and I’m quite shy to play with people. So shooting hoops has always been fulfilling enough for me since my teen years. And from that time, I have this unspoken competition going on with the neighbor boys as they seem to monopolize the court from dusk till dawn.

They definitely love basketball more than I do otherwise why would they spend so much time playing and honing their skills. How admirable. I wish I have that sort of drive and passion too.

I have not been shooting hoops for a very long time now. So why the sudden urge? Well, I’m in need of distractions and movements now. Staying idle and giving myself too much time to think has always been the most harmful moment for me as it leads me to manifest thoughts that will influence my behavior. It’s like I’m given time to realize certain things and certain people, often allowing me to calculate and later trust lesser and lesser.

If I could think so much, why can’t I think of a way to cure cancer or more beneficial deeds?

Haha.. Alright then. Time to move away from the keyboard.

Looks like I’ll have to try getting to the court at 7.00am the next time.