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Hello, children of the human race!

It is, I, Ms Aya, the embarassment of nature!

Just trying to sound cheerful. Gosh, don’t give me that sweat drop face. I’m trying!

Anyway, I had this memory that is sticking in the back of my head for a very long time now and I have been meaning to blog about it.

You see, one day in my final year of high school… During a bus ride back to home, my friend and neighbor sat beside me. She was in another class and is 5 days older than me. I could say she was one of the very first few friends I made upon entering that school and yet, we were not very close. She made some effort to ask me out and hang out, although for a few rounds we did, I still felt that we had a shallow friendship.

Anyway during this particular bus ride, she started her conversation with me with a huge grin on her face plus dreamy eyes. I didn’t notice her hint of wanting to talk as I was staring out the window and swimming in my own thoughts but eventually, she spoke.

She asked me, “Ashley.. What is love?”
Her eyes started dancing and soon I could sense loads of lovey dovey thoughts coming from her. I on the other hand, was taken aback by such a sudden and most importantly, lamest question and topic of all. You see, I wasn’t such a bright girl who is opened about these sort of things. Sure, I could goof around but when it comes to relationship and the subject of love, I become rather grim and rigid.

Widening my eyes at her while feeling slight goosebumps, I asked her what she thought of it instead. Asking the asker back her questions. I know. (Laughs)

She continued to ask me back, “Do you believe in fate? Destiny? Fated to be together?”

Well immediately I understood why she had such thoughts because very recently, she was struck by love for one of the boys our age and was getting into a relationship with him. She was getting all the puppy love and innocently, just had her mind on this.

I can scarcely remember my exact words but I think I was emphasizing to her the difference between fate and destiny to which astounded her into thinking I was matured and wise.

However as to her very primary question, we never got to talk much about it.

What is love?

The reason I’m blogging here is sadly, not to answer this question that has yet been figured out by me.

The memory of this friend and her openess is what brings me here today — not so much the question of hers.

I’m still rather amaze how some people can be so … Willing to talk about something… With such earnesty and sparks in their eyes.

You definitely heard of the saying that when one speaks about passion, you can tell it in their eyes.

I guess this can be applied to my dear friend here. She was someone I always regarded as a loving person, a girl who is constantly looking for the love of her life. With the way I saw people treating her, with delicacy and gentleness, she was that sort of person.

While I, could be perceived as the darker side of the moon. I was not opened to talk about love with passion and that sort of glow in their eyes. Of course, I did, later on shared my crush stories with a few classmates but I could never talk and relay my feelings with so much of passion and brightness. It was always in a shy and modest way, hoping not to speak more.

At that time, I had a minor and extremely shallow crush on a guy who presently, is married to a girl who once, people commented that she and I share the same looks. (Laughs) Life is surely a funny person to do this.

Oh well… As said, it was a shallow crush and we were strangers.

Right now I’m just stuck in the thoughts and memory of my friend here who could ask such a lame and corny question with glowing eyes. A question that makes my cheeks burn even until now.

Mmm… This is so puzzling… -__-