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This is a topic I posted back in 2010 and it deserves a reblog because whatever I have thought and patiently explained at that time, I stand by every word until today.

Click here. No worries, you won’t be forwarded to porn sites.

Because lately, I’m getting annoyed with the whole ‘guys like innocent girls’ crap. This is flashing right into my face through books, comics and every media so it’s getting to me.

If you are darn lazy to click the link, then I’ll tell you in short.
My 22 year old self was trying to tell the world that a smart and intelligent woman does not necessarily equate to a cunning, evil and manipulative bitch. Just as an innocent and naive girl does not mean she is clean from evil intentions. It is all about the decision that one makes at the end whether based on ignorance or thorough thinking.

I’m pretty sure I fall under the ‘intelligent and cunning’ category because I don’t have that innocent charm and the way I carry myself can seem rather crude (though I’m also sure I have a childishly retarded side to it). Anyway, if people are unable to see through my holy intentions, so be it.

It does not stop me from continuing to do what is right. Hmpf!

By the way, I spend more time on my ipad than my lappy because of how portable it is. However it’s difficult to blog because first, my wordpress app does not work properly. Secondly, blogging via the web is troublesome and I can’t upload images.

Issh! Therefore lack of visual..

Oh well.. Until next time… ( ̄▽ ̄)