A very good day to all! ^^

I am here once again to rant and run my mouth — alright mouth is not the precise description for this so let’s change it to ‘run my fingers’… across the keyboard to tell you some stories. (Laughs)

Mweh, I’m not that sour, mind you.

I wish to talk about my favorite sport which is badminton.

Badminton is a sport I like since I was very small. I’m not a very good badminton player, honestly. I don’t mean to be modest but seriously, I scale myself on an average level. However I used to be a lot worse during my schooling days to the point of embarrassment.

I was pretty sure I got better when I started practicing with the wall — literally.. with the wall. I’m not sure if I told you all this story before but for short, this happened:

I had a crush on one guy who was fucking good in badminton, and the girls teased me and freaked me out by letting me know that they told him about my feelings. I was scared and embarrassed that they told him so I didn’t dare come out to join everyone to play at the field. So I stayed home and literally played against my wall until my mum got pissed and of course, scolded the shit out of me. (Laughs)

I don’t know if the girls really told him or what, but I never saw him ever again. After that, I gotten better in the sport and won champion for the inter-class tournament.

Now in these couple of years with my current workplace, we get the privilege of having weekly sports activities. When we commenced the weekly badminton, of course I was so hyped and took up the initiative to ensure that it goes on a weekly basis. It’s sad to say this but the people do not have a consistency in doing things but rather, they adopt the tendency to leave things running cold. Meaning to say — maybe this week a lot will turn up to play but for the next 3 weeks, no one comes.

I understand that we are working adults and we are busy. So I thought if I could confirm the attendance in advance, then we are able to expect the number of players and if no one could come, we could cancel it and save our weekly fees. Not to mention, our time.

However to my dismay, people claimed they would come but in the end — did not.

So for many times, I sat in the court waiting for these people, wondering whether I should go back or what if I were to leave and they came later… Do they have the shuttlecocks? Do they know which court? It came to the point when the owner of the place took pity on me and told me not to waste my company’s money and a few times, refunded me half the fees. Other strangers who were playing approached and invited me to join them. Sometimes when too few people turned up, I get blasted with questions like, “Where is everyone? I thought you said he and she is coming.. We only have 3 people — how can we play?!” And knowing me, my face would flare up in embarrassment.

Well… When I’m left alone, I become the most dangerous person because that is when I start to think deeply and unthinkable thoughts will manifest.

It wasn’t because I was god damn free and could come over whenever I like. There were days I was not well and work ended late but since my colleagues wanted to play, I thought it was my responsibility to make sure the courts were booked and arranged. I really liked them and glad I was able to get to know them because sometimes when you are working, the atmosphere is different. So.. It was a relief to be able to play and watch them have fun and all.. Sigh..

Anyway, I started to think… And the anime Starry Sky came to mind, particularly Miyaji’s introduction. (look below, please)

Basically, Miyaji practiced so hard for football but when he made a pass to his teammate, the comrade failed him. So he got the idea that no matter how hard one works, it’s not going to produce results if the others do not do as much. So he opted an individual sport that relies solely on his performance instead of the team.

So what got my attention was — while waiting for players to show up, I wanted to practice and exercise but I could not do it alone as badminton requires at least 2 people. I did pondered.. and admired my younger self for being able to play with the wall. (Laughs)

Then I thought, “So.. If no one shows up.. Does this mean I can’t keep fit?”

And this led me to drop the whole responsibility of keeping this weekly badminton thing alive when I could go for another sport that is more secured and regular such gym or swimming as these sports/workouts do not require a team. I wish to do kyudo but we don’t have this awesome thing here unfortunately.

So I surrendered everything and even though they tried to persuade me to at least come as a player, I did not want to. Because I knew I would not.. I did not want to commit and I didn’t want to trouble the caretaker with my maybes or worse, I might even ended up going there and there is still nobody there. My mind was set and it didn’t matter how much I like playing badminton, I couldn’t give a damn since I was frowning of disappointment more than I was supposed to be smiling.

I couldn’t really expressed my thoughts and feelings about this to my colleagues so it didn’t transmit quite well.

I hope whoever is in charge now, will not face the same problem as I did and that there will be improvements in the attendance and integrity. Even if everything is good, I do not intend to join no matter what because when I’m set on a decision, it stays. Just like when I wanted to take care of the arrangements for the badminton players, I made sure no matter what — everything is taken care of. Until there is a next decision — changes will be made.

There is another route for this.. Perhaps people can be changed if they have a great leader who can manage them. Or get them to come as when as required. Because we have seen success from teams and surely, they must have done something to keep the comrades united. For Miyaji’s instances, instead of running off the another sport, if he or someone could motivate the team to work together, for sure they could pull through and achieve success.

However just like Miyaji, I decided to find something else. After all, my heart has dwindled over the years so I go for whatever novelty I can find.

Anyway, yup this is one slice of my life. (Laughs nervously)


…. Bye. D:


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