Archive for September 19th, 2015

It was one day, a time when I still haven’t developed the most awesome things in the world known as boobs… That I learned something. This popular and pretty girl went over to my boy-next-door and stroked his cheeks once. He jerked back looking slightly annoyed. She then asked which girl was he closest to or prefers.

I, who was a table away turned my back not wanting to know. Obviously I liked him but I knew he was crushing for another girl, who was way above me. However to my surprise, these words came out from his mouth, “Ashley. She’s my best friend.”

I could not see the face of that cheek molester but I was surely smiling. It was enough if I could be that. And ever since then, I am fated to be good friends with my love interests while they get swooned by other female predators.

…Cheers, to those in the friendzone!