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Chopstick Story

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Hi~hi, homosapiens!
How is life treating you? It’s coming to end of 2014 and I’m guessing everyone is amazed at how fast time is moving.

i was just recalling on when and how I learned to use the chopsticks. I could only use them when I was 12 years old. Before that, I was laughed and ridiculed by other people because it was bad enough that I could not speak Chinese and to add on, I could not use the chopsticks as well. Of course these people thought I was a western wannabe. Well, I just didn’t know how and had no absolute reasons to use them. My house did not have any chopsticks to begin with.

Anyway, one day… After a tiring day of sports and activities, I was dead hungry. One boy asked if he could help me get something to eat so I passed him some money and said, “I want mee soup.”

The helpful boy skidded off and then returned with a bowl of noodles. To my horror, he took a pair of chopsticks for me and a greater horror followed — he bought curry mee soup.

I could not eat chillies or anything spicy! D:
That was one of my most detested food that usually leaves me in embarrassment and awkwardness! D:

There were a few of us so I didn’t want to make a fuss (and suffer their ever so silly teases) and was too hungry to waste a bowl of noodles so I forced myself to somehow ‘skillfully’ eat the noodles with double nightmare.

After that, I took it upon myself to practice at home and now am able to eat using chopsticks as well as ‘sort of’ eating spicy food.


The End. ( ;´Д`)/