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Liar’s Game

Posted by: Ms Ayain Diary of Ashes, Ms Aya's Papers

「From the day I was born, till the day I die, the only side I am on… Is my own.」

I really cannot trust anybody. It’s like I’m just waiting for the end to find out that everything was just a big cruel joke on me.

What happens, when words do not reach you anymore? When every word translates into lies and deception?

Everyone uses different words yet lead to the same lies. It’s really funny and humorous. The methods and manner of speech which they learned from self-improvement books and seminars on how to persuade — if you are already familiar with these, what other means can persuade you then?

Friends, comrades, buddies — you can talk to me with that filthy mouth of yours but that’s none of my business. I have my own goals to reach and the only side I’m ever taking is my own.