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Afternoon all~

A very short rant here and a little food for your thought.

I’m pretty sure you have been asked many times on what kind of person you would like to befriend or fall in love with.

There is always this kind of discussion among friends — mostly with girls as guys may be a bit shy or not bothered at all with this sort of talk.

Well generally, we all will answer that we want a person with a good heart, no matter the looks. We may mention more plus sides such as hard working, good at sports and so on however the bottom line is that we all want someone who has virtues and simply — a good heart.

For some of you, just like me may answer differently and that is we want a good looking person along with a good heart; beautiful in the inside as well as the outside.

Now when I give this as my answer, you can pretty much guess how people look at me afterwards.

You’ll get replies like, “No one is perfect. You can’t find a human that flawless. That is so greedy. You only care about the looks…”


I fail to see why there can only be plain looks BUT good hearted OR beautiful BUT nasty attitude.

Because what I see nowadays are people with not very good looks AND an uglier heart.

If we have that possibility of having an unsightly appearance and an even hideous attitude, there should be a chance we can also find pleasant face and wholesome heart combination.

This quest is not going to be a walk in the park but I think it’s worth while.. And I should start shaping myself to be beautiful in and out to show that it is possible. Because using that whole beauty in the inside is just an excuse for bums not to take care of their body and appearances.

… I may contradict myself on this matter in the future however, for now this is my thinking.

What say you? :D