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Hairstyle at Home

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

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For some time now, I have been bundling up my hair in this style. ↓

If I am not mistaken, it’s called the ‘Dumpling’ style — a hairstyle which you may mostly see in Korean and Japanese dramas. You tie it like a bun except that it stands 90 degrees on top on your head and usually, you’ll have your forehead expose. (Laughs)

I kind of admire the girls who look cute and are brave to go out with this hairstyle. They can look adorable like Pebbles from The Flintstones. Personally, I don’t like to reveal my forehead and ears so this style is exclusive for home mode. (Laughs nervously)

My favorite hairstyles are tying in loose braids or a pony tail; preferably scoot to the left side rather than dangling over my back.

However, most of the time I let my hair loose when I go out. Partly because I need to hide my neck tattoo or unwanted people will know my name. ^-^lll

[ . . . ]

What is your favorite hair style and for the guys — what kind of style do you like on girls? Long and feminine? Are you fussy over a boyish look? (Laughs)