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It’s me~ !

That girl who doesn’t have interesting stories to share!

Well… It’s true that I am a boring person and to add on that note, I’m a worrywart to the bones. <´•ω•`>

Although some people say I am pretty nonchalant and unaffected about many things, it’s really hard when you aren’t somebody with a fixed personality and pattern, you know.

Anyway, a new habit has started since months ago.

There was one night, I woke up to use the toilet and then went back to bed. I cannot remember if I had switched off the tap water so I got up to check.

It occurred to me, “What if I had forgotten to switch off the tap? It will keep running all night and flood the bathroom and oh gawd, the water bill will be so high!”

Ever since then, that thought haunted me to the point each night when I use the bathroom, after that I would tuck myself in bed and in a minute, get up again to check the sink just in case.

If I do not get up to check right after using the toilet, I wouldn’t dare to sleep at all.

Apart from this paranoia, I am also doing the same practice with my car!

One day I locked my car and just when I was about to leave, I thought to myself, “Imagine if I had not locked my car, who knows what will happen and knowing me, I’m prone to mishaps.”

As you can guess, now whenever I leave my car whether I’ve already locked it, I will walk back just to check that it is really locked. 

Why am I so paranoid when I’m not even an A blood?! <-__->

Then again it could be.. because I am not a perfectionist A blood therefore the worries for O types can be quite careless.

I wonder what stupid ideas will get into my head next…

On another note — I’ve recently got a new tattoo~ ↓

It’s a sunflower, by the way.

Now I have 4 tattoos in total and here’s to hoping it will stop at that number. (Laughs nervously)

Well then, do you have any sort of paranoia as I do?

I think everyone has at least one. (Laughs)

It could be checking your phone for messages to making sure you’ve saved your documents on your pc.