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Nobody Likes a Fair Mind

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Hey people!

Please allow me to express a matter that seems to be bugging me lately!
I’m sorry I have to do it here because I don’t really have a friend to discuss and unload my rants (it would be cruel of me though, to do this on a friend) so… Here I go!

People always argue about wanting things to be fair and equal, don’t you think? We ask for equal rights, treatment and attention. When it comes to the nation, I understand about wanting fairness however, what about fairness and equality in a small group say, among friends?

There will be times when you are caught in the middle of an argument with your friends. Let’s say your 2 best friends are having qualms while you have no part in it. So you just sit there and listen to both of them go at each other. The next day, one of them approaches you and asks your opinion to see who is right and wrong; which side you are on.

Maybe you pick either one of your friends to side but what if you don’t? What if you stay neutral and want to be friends with both of them despite their resentment with one another?

Perhaps after this, you can tell me how it’s like for you when you get caught in this kind of situation.

As for me, I think that whatever decision I make — I end up being the most hated one, na. O_o

Usually, I stay neutral seeing both parties’ pros and cons yet still accept it. When I do take a side, of course the other one will hate me more than the person I choose to be, somehow.

Anyway, I always believe in being fair and making everything equal in terms of treatment and liking. I always try to find the good side of people to embrace regardless of what others may say.

I thought people are fond a fair minded person however it doesn’t seem to work that way. Instead, I find myself being hated for cultivating this.

When I say I’m on both sides and so, some will try to push me to pick a side while some, they get the impression that I’m being high and mighty about all this. By that, it means that you are too good to be at their level and in a way, looking down at them.

Now what the heck?

Shouldn’t anyone be glad to know somebody who still befriends you no matter what others say about you? Is it wrong not to get influenced by others?

It’s not that I want to sugar up and win everybody’s favor however at the very least, I give chances to them (and myself) to make things right. And should I really dislike a person, it would be a clean cut so clean, it becomes obvious.

Every time I strike out a fair deal, it will last for a while but afterwards, there will still be arguments about who is better and so on.

I guess it’s human nature to strive and desire being above the rest. We always want to win and have the last say.

With that, I come to conclude that people who fight for a fair and equal nation is a bullshit deal. Because even when fairness reigns for some time, people will get greedy and start questioning is there a better way to rule and so on. Humans don’t like to be equal and we all want to be different and unique.

Also we like to have people beneath our standards just to encourage and stroke our egos in order to make ourselves feel extremely good and mighty.

Indeed this is a disgusting sight however, it’s in all of us.

Upsetting , ne?

Well, I don’t really fight my arguments and often let them be which somehow, this attitude of mine pisses people off. I don’t get it though. My life isn’t spectacular and my pace in life is pretty slow yet I get hated. I guess being unaffected and uninfluenced is… Nobody likes a person like this na? *lonely*

On a totally unrelated note, around 4am, I was awaken by my dog and there was a cat near my gate.

I threw my sandals at the cat in attempt to chase it away but it didn’t evade and instead, got hit in the face. I was shocked though. I expected the cat to quickly run away and I really did not mean to hurt it.

Then it climbed on the bushes and remained there. I took a stick and tried to chase it away, for its own good because my dog managed to scratch the cat and well, Auwlithe is a cat murderer.

The cat still did not budged so I locked Auwlithe in the house and took a closer look at the cat. Its lower lips was bleeding and it seemed stuck in the bushes. For a moment, I saw the branch pierced right through the cat’s body and it threw me into a panic state! ((((;゚Д゚)))))))

I tried to cut off the branch so that I could remove the poor kitty at the same time, it could do more injuries and the cat may retaliate instead.

So I quickly put on my bra and ran out to the other houses in attempt to search for its owner since it had a collar on.

After running up the street, I realized I had no idea which house it belongs to and everyone was sound asleep.

With that, I returned and checked on the injured cat. It was meowing in such a pitiful and painful cry! One by one, I removed the twigs to get a clearer view and what do you know?

The branch did not pierce through the cat’s body! It was just caught in between! Phew.. So glad!
ε-(´∀`; )

I told the cat to quickly return home because I have to let my dog out and he will not rest until it leaves or dies in his mouth.

However, the cat did not move an inch. Then slowly I realized…

This cat…


Afraid of heights… -_-lll

It didn’t know how to come down and was so scared, it just clung onto the grill.

Because the bushes were thick, I had to go to the other side of the grill/fence however, it was too high for me to reach the cat. I did climb up, persuade it and patted it but I could not carry the cat down with one hand.

After assuring the cat is tame and will not scratch me, I took a chair, carried and removed the cat from the grill. The minute its paws touched the ground, it quickly ran off.

What is this…? x_x