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Getaway to Japan~!

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Good day, everybody!
Typing to you is sheep who went to Japan sometime ago!

It was really good to get away from daily routines and go to some place new and exciting!

Well, I have been to Japan before so it wasn’t much of a cultural shock to me. Nonetheless, the scenery and historical places were overwhelming with beauty.

This time, I went with a few friends and on a free and easy trip. XD

With that, we were able to travel to many places; from Kyoto to Osaka, to Kobe, to Hakone and to Tokyo as well.

[Above: Osaka Museum castle]

[Asakusa Temple]

[Inari shrine]

It was the start of Autumn so there were not many fallen maple leaves, sadly. T_T

The coldness was an on and off thing too. It rained, it shined and got really cold in the night.

We experienced the onsen (hot spring) well, men and women separately. XD

Also, we visited a field of Suzuki — which I am not exactly sure of the name of its place. All I remember is — it was on the way to Hakone. :/

We went to many places however I won’t post them right now because well, I don’t want to rub in to your faces that I had a holiday while you were slaving away for work/studies. (Laughs)

All I can say is this trip was fun and the company was good. In the beginning, I was worried that I will impose on my friends because I’m not exactly close to them. I initially planned to go in November and to follow a tour but since they were going in October, I thought why not go with them instead of following a tour which is almost the same as going with unfamiliar people — but slightly better?


So yes, it did lift up my social by a bit and that’s good enough for me. (Laughs)

Anyway, forget about me. What about you?

If you were to travel, would you prefer to follow a tour or free and easy with friends?

And what if you are not that familiar with the friends you are going with? Would you back out or go ahead? ^_^

PS: I went to watch the GazettE live in Kobe. Ruki is really a shorty as seen on videos. Uruha is really sexy with his solo play and Kai.. He’s got muscles. I was happy to see Aoi and hear his voice saying, “Eh kore… Nani?” raising a leaflet in the air for all to see. <3 Kyaaa!