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First Time Being Bullied

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Kon’ban wa Gorando minna-san!

This is Ms Aya who is here to blog about a random thought that came to mind.

I have no idea what led me to remember this but — Do you remember the first time you’ve ever been bullied in your life?

I think everyone at some point in life had been bullied be it physically or verbally — or at least felt like you were demeaned.

I was recalling and I believe the very first time I got bullied was back in my kindergarten days. I was about 5 ~ 6 years old then and there were these 2 boys who kept bothering me.

At that age, I didn’t know what bully meant or whether I was being bullied. All I knew was each time these 2 boys come close to me, either my hair gets yanked or I find myself kissing the ground.

I did run to my teacher for help and the teacher tried to tell the boys to stop however, my bullies were unfortunately — Japanese and could not understand English.

I remember that they were from a different class but somehow during break time, I always seemed to be their favorite target. The other girls will tell me that they are coming and I will then try to hide or run away from them.

Along these 2 Japanese boys, there was a Japanese girl who was nice and would try to help me at times. When the boys were after me, she would stop and talk to them. During shared lessons, she would show me pictures of Sailormoon and we will try to draw them together.

Despite encountering them regularly, I never actually knew their names. I simply identify them as Shizuka, Giant and Sinyu (Sinyu: the name used in BM translation) characters from the infamous comic, Doraemon.

It was really funny because they really look like the above characters.

The girl always had her hair tied in 2 pony tails either with red or pink balls. Whereas the boys, one of them was chubby and tanned while the other was scrawny and sly looking.

Hence, the impression. ↑

And because of their existence in my kindergarten, it led me to believe that Doraemon was real and could be living somewhere nearby with Nobita. (Laughs nervously)

Anyway, the most prominent memory I had was during a party in the nursery. All the kids were going to get some food (red beans, always red beans) while I strayed off and decided to play with the monkey bars.

As I was swinging from one bar to the other, I felt I wasn’t alone in the playground and before I could confirm that, I felt a strong push and lost my grip.

I fell on my butt and luckily, missed the puddle of mud.

Giant and Sinyu then ran passed laughing and smiling back at me with that victorious looking face. At that time, I have not learned to scold Fuck and Kan Ni Na so, I just sat there with an angry face.

I think that was the last time I’ve seen them as it was the graduation party?

Oh well.. This is the earliest memory I have about getting bullied.

If I can remember before that age, then I can tell you how is it like being a fetus. (Laughs)

So yea..

When was the first time you were bullied?

At what age and was it very bad that it scarred you for life?

Or silly ones that tickles you? XD

When Couples Talk

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During my trip in Japan, we went to Umeda Sky Building, which is an observatory deck in Osaka.

I can’t tell you precisely how high the building is however, the night view from above is fascinating and breath taking. It’s ashamed that I cannot provide you a visual aid on the night scenery as it was dark and my camera could not snap nicely.

The sky building is located in the middle of the city so basically from the top deck, you could view the city and admire the sky scrappers plus stars, should there be any. XD

Well when I got up there, I admit that the first thing that came to mind was how pain my legs were because we spent the day walking to many places. Secondly, it became colder and only then I noticed the awesome view.

My friends were busy taking pictures while I strayed to look around. I did for a moment just stood in one place to capture the image of the scenery in my mind however, it got boring real fast. There weren’t many stars to begin with.

So this sheep, decided to observe other things.. Namely people. :D

I noticed there were quite some couples around and I got curious, “What exactly do couples do in a moment like this? What do they talk about? Is it like how we see in the movies where they say and do romantic things?” There were Japanese and other foreigners so it made me very curious to find out.

With my busybody mode on, I stood close to the couples to observe and eavesdrop on their conversations. My Japanese is not proficient however I could grasped what most of the Japanese couples were saying. Well.. Simply because… They did not speak much. -_-

Most of them kept on exclaiming to one another, “Sugoi! Suteki! Kirei! Takai! Sugoi! Sugoi!” which means Wonderful! Beautiful! So high! Wonderful! =_=

I can understand that they were amazed and overwhelmed but the whole sugoi~~ went on for too long until I thought to myself, “Fuck it with the sugois and say something else lar!”

I moved from couple to couple until there was one that seemed to be a surprise gift for his girl friend. The guy told the girl that he brought her to surprise her for something and to spend time with her. He asked if she liked what she was seeing and of course, full of sugoi~ and kirei~ came out from the girl’s mouth.

After that, they just cuddled and seemingly turned into a stone — a very happy one.

I went on to observe the non-Japanese couples. I could not understand their language but as for gestures, they were cuddling more than talking with each other.

With this observation, I came to a conclusion that couples don’t need to talk so much as they just want to hold each other in silence.

… It was boring to watch the couples so I ended up squatting in one corner, wondering what to eat and… other random stuffs. :/


Getaway to Japan~!

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Good day, everybody!
Typing to you is sheep who went to Japan sometime ago!

It was really good to get away from daily routines and go to some place new and exciting!

Well, I have been to Japan before so it wasn’t much of a cultural shock to me. Nonetheless, the scenery and historical places were overwhelming with beauty.

This time, I went with a few friends and on a free and easy trip. XD

With that, we were able to travel to many places; from Kyoto to Osaka, to Kobe, to Hakone and to Tokyo as well.

[Above: Osaka Museum castle]

[Asakusa Temple]

[Inari shrine]

It was the start of Autumn so there were not many fallen maple leaves, sadly. T_T

The coldness was an on and off thing too. It rained, it shined and got really cold in the night.

We experienced the onsen (hot spring) well, men and women separately. XD

Also, we visited a field of Suzuki — which I am not exactly sure of the name of its place. All I remember is — it was on the way to Hakone. :/

We went to many places however I won’t post them right now because well, I don’t want to rub in to your faces that I had a holiday while you were slaving away for work/studies. (Laughs)

All I can say is this trip was fun and the company was good. In the beginning, I was worried that I will impose on my friends because I’m not exactly close to them. I initially planned to go in November and to follow a tour but since they were going in October, I thought why not go with them instead of following a tour which is almost the same as going with unfamiliar people — but slightly better?


So yes, it did lift up my social by a bit and that’s good enough for me. (Laughs)

Anyway, forget about me. What about you?

If you were to travel, would you prefer to follow a tour or free and easy with friends?

And what if you are not that familiar with the friends you are going with? Would you back out or go ahead? ^_^

PS: I went to watch the GazettE live in Kobe. Ruki is really a shorty as seen on videos. Uruha is really sexy with his solo play and Kai.. He’s got muscles. I was happy to see Aoi and hear his voice saying, “Eh kore… Nani?” raising a leaflet in the air for all to see. <3 Kyaaa!