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I went in to a few make-up shops namely Sasa, Watsons and Etude House, looking at what cosmetics have to offer.

I thought since I will be going overseas for a couple of weeks, why not dress and doll up a bit instead of being such a plain Jane?

Watsons have a wide range of brands however none of them appealed to me, not even enough to move me for a try. With that, I walked out mumbling to myself, “Let’s try another shop and don’t be lazy this time.”

I browsed inside Etude House but could not find what I was looking for.
Wait what was I supposed to look for?

Exactly. I had no idea what I wanted. An eye liner? Eye shadow? Lipstick?

I walked out of the shop as I didn’t want to be caught pondering in thoughts which will just cause the sales girls to keep prompting me to try out their most expensive items.

I entered into Sasa and good thing the sales girls there were very engrossed with their conversations. So I took my time to browse and test out some compact powder.

Sadly, I could not tell the difference between the shades and which is more suited to my skin color.

I exited and passed by another cosmetic shop. It was so filled with colors and for a moment, I felt very compelled to enter and get lost in that room of rainbows. But I held back thinking it is pointless as I cannot seem to understand or simply — see myself among the colors.

So here I am, sitting and blogging away in Coffee Bean.


Perhaps a compact powder and a good eye mascara makes a good start.

And then realization strikes me — a memory from before.

“My skin is too sensitive for make-up!” D:

This is the sole reason why I have stayed away from make-up, facial lotions, collagen — anything to do with facial grooming.

Despite that I have consulted many skin specialists, this issue has never been resolved.
I have grown used to this and settled my mind that this is going to be forever. I accept it and even believe in the idea that perhaps, God wants me to stay as natural as possible hence he gave me sensitive skin to keep me away from cosmetics.

At the same time, I hate myself for trying to be too kind and somewhat arrogant.

(Sigh) You will definitely lecture about how unimportant looks are and that we should focus on developing a good personality. Now that will just lead to a bag of wind from me so yes, I shall spare you from that. (Laughs)

Anyway, sorry about the gloomy clouds above. Let’s end this with a positive closing!

Uh… Have you played Resident Evil 6? It just came out last week for PS3 and xbox. The PC version might only be released end of this year if not mistaken. :/


Haha, the gameplay and contorls are much like Operation Raccoon City. For those who did not play ORC, you might take awhile to adjust and adapt. Controls wise, it’s easy. Maybe reading the navigation and status may take some time. XD

Etou, sheep finished Leon and Jake’s campaign. Now moving on to Chris’ campaign in Chapter 2!

In Leon’s campaign, your main boss fight is Simmons who is a annoying as a fly — please take the ‘fly’ statement literally. XD

For Jake’s, well Ustanak will give you a scare of your life as this fella is unstoppable! Pretty much the new Nemesis. (Laughs)

Well, best I shut up before spoiling the story to you however I must exclaim —

Jake and Sherry are such a sweet pair! XD


*points above* Jake and Sherry (unable to see her) hiding in the garbage bin. XD

-end of worthless transmission-

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1.  Dino-chan
October 13th, 2012 at 12:37 pm

If Sheep’s skin is sensitive towards make-up, please don’t apply anything until you get a confirmation from specialist. Let them explain to you which cosmetic products that won’t harm your skin. Or else, get something that stated “for sensitive skin” ~ but that applicable to facial spring water spray. Cosmetics doesn’t mention that ne….?

Haha…I dislike to make up back then. (Even today) ~ First reason is, I don’t know how to and didn’t bother to learn. But just tell ownself, make-up is not to let the world know “OH! You make up! You are pretty” ~ We just want to enhance our self by little.

Make up doesn’t mean need to apply lipsticks and eyes shadows and eye liner and compact powder and bla bla bla. One or two are enough.

If Sheep want to catch someone’s attention, just do some make ups in eyes or lips. If you don’t want to, just get a BB cream to make your skin smoother. Choose either way.

As for me, I apply BB cream and lipstick. I look fresher. Coz I have eyebag… thank god is reducing recently … :/

If you want to make up on eyes, go for eye liner. When you are used to it, accompany with eye shadow. ^^ You will be a different person!~

Games….hisashiburi dane~ since I have ipod, I stop catching up what’s new in PS and PC games…


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