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The Ability to Emote

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Good evening, everyone!
How is life faring for you?
Any new and exciting discoveries off late? We are in September now and soon before you realize it, we will be celebrating Halloween followed by Christmas.
The movement of time is surely something amazing, nay?

Well, sheep is leading an ordinary life as always. From time to time there will be a surge of happiness and other times, I feel like pulling my hair in agony. This is indeed, a very normal way of living. <^-^>|||

Anyway at the moment, I’m pretty puzzled over a matter.

My mother was having a slight argument with her friend over the phone. Mum told me before that this friend of hers have been taking advantage of my mum. Whenever there is an event, this woman expects my mother to fetch her around and so happened my mother could not pick her up one day.

So this woman started throwing a tantrum and became spiteful towards my mother over this matter. With that, they had their confrontation.

From what I could eavesdrop, my mother repeatedly insisted her point for not able to fetch this woman and told her off how she felt about her taking advantage of their friendship. At the same time, my mother also apologized for having to speak of this matter.

“I apologize for…”, my mother went on and immediately in my head, I continued the sentence with, “…making a mistake.”

However instead, my mother finished her sentence off with, “…for hurting you.”

I was stunted for a moment.

And it occurred to me that there is such a thing called, ‘hurt’.

Everyday, I have something to apologize for be it a mistake, my carelessness, my rudeness — mostly mistakes. However I don’t think I have ever been sorry for any emotional damage or reasons so as acknowledging emotional apologies from others.

There might have been some friends who said sorry for hurting my feelings before but it scarcely ever gotten into me as this line seems like a movie quote or from a heart warming story.

Apart from that, when people say they miss, like or feel for me — I cannot seem to find a reaction to those sort of words and gestures. (Laughs nervously) With that, I often look at them oddly with that, “Ok~~~~~aaay” and have my eyes set some place else.

It’s so strange and foreign that it puzzles me.

Anyway, what about you?

When a friend says sorry for hurting your feelings, what crosses your mind?

Do you have a hard time reacting and emoting to certain approaches be it praises, compliments or a treatment from others?

For instance if you are a shy individual and suddenly someone comes up to you, how would you response? Would you accept that friendly person right away or go, “Ok~~~~~ay…I guess?”

There are many ways to trigger awkwardness and even the most common issue can get one to lose their grip in comprehending situations.

Baa… Everyone has a different way, ne? Interesting. Interesting. XD