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Mood: Buzzed

Yo~oh, living beings who rely on oxygen to survive this environment!

This is Ms Aya, your frequently absent sheep who as usual… are full of nonsense. *nods pathetically*

And bringing to you today is a topic about ~~~~~~

[ . . . ]

Well actually, I’m just wondering if I am given a chance… No no. At the very least FIVE (5) chances to undo certain events…

As in you get to undo your mistakes in the past.. or experiment on something or someone out of curiosity and then reset to its former state. <^ω^>/

The immediate ideas that come to me are mostly to try stunts rather than to undo matters in the past. Although a lot of things were in need of changes and prevention, I guess once you have grown stronger and learned to deal with it — you live on without regrets.

So anyway…

I wonder how is it like to run over a person with your car AND reverse on the buggar? <.__.>

I know this is not to be taken as a joke because car accidents are horrible and people lose their loved ones to cars and asshole drivers.

But would you sympathize a person who tried to jack your car, rob and hurt you?

Yeap, you wouldn’t.

I would very much want to run them over, reverse and repeat for another 5 rounds until they are flat on the ground.

And then should I be found guilty for my ‘self-defensed’ action, CTRL Z and use a baton instead. (Laughs)

My second would be pulling a heist. <^-^>/

You know, do a solo job of armed robbing a bank and then get the fuck out of there, be the most wanted criminal and hunted life. (By the way, I don’t play GTA) Should all else fail, CTRL Z and good morning to the bank officer.

For the remaining 3, it’s so hard to pick from and doubt you want to know them.

As to why I even think of committing crimes, it’s because I will never do these. NEVER— knowing they are irreversible.

Also if given the same opportunity to undo things, why would you want to do something good and then undo them?

Pff. Good deeds are something that you want them to stay and be long lasting. Therefore undoing them is a waste. However, it is ironic that people forget the good deeds and kindness that you’ve showed them.

Sigh, spouting nonsense as always.

Time to go.

Until next time. <´•__•`>