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Today at Starbucks…

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Just now at Starbucks… 

I waited outside the Ladies washroom. 

To be sure whether it’s occupied, I turned the knob a bit to then confirm there is someone inside.

I stood outside waiting for my turn to use the toilet but as minutes passed, I felt that the woman inside is sure taking a long time.

I could hear water splashing every few seconds and I could see.. more like smell what’s coming my way. 

To be fair, I don’t think I waited extremely long but it gave me enough time to imagine stupid things such as the woman could be washing the toilet or halfway through labor. 

The gent’s room was vacant and the door was wide open as though suggesting me to use it. Even though I was not in dying need to relief myself however the probability of me getting stuck on the road later and then subjecting myself to the ultimate torture, I told myself, “Ok.. If the bitch doesn’t come out in 10 seconds, I’ll use the men’s toilet… and it better not be a fucking urinal wall-thingy.”

So I mentally counted to 10 and just before I reached that number, lo and behold… the door swung open and there stood the bitch.

Well.. She wasn’t a bitch.. 

But a dick.  

Yeah.. A man emerged out of the Ladies room and the funny thing was — He gave me that incredibly surprised face. You know, that “What-are-you-doing-here” kind of face. 

I returned that face to him and he left. 

[ . . . ]

I don’t know what else to say or think..