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A Fair Trade

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: In Dazed

Have you ever played in an arcade before?

The kind which you earn tickets to exchange for a prize? A stuff toy or a balloon maybe.

I wonder how many merits have I earned to exchange with God for that freedom; the ability to be a free spirit.

I wonder if the deeds I have done are enough to bargain for a promise that at the end of my life, I can be a spirit that roams the earth freely be it in the past or the future.

I really want to know how the planet was before mankind.

It’s just so boring the way life moves and no matter how I want to believe there is something to keep me going, doubts never seem to let me be.

All in all — I’m just curious.

Curious to know… what do dinosaurs smell of. <-__->lll

Do they smell like beef? Or rubber? <.___.>