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A Fair Trade

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Have you ever played in an arcade before?

The kind which you earn tickets to exchange for a prize? A stuff toy or a balloon maybe.

I wonder how many merits have I earned to exchange with God for that freedom; the ability to be a free spirit.

I wonder if the deeds I have done are enough to bargain for a promise that at the end of my life, I can be a spirit that roams the earth freely be it in the past or the future.

I really want to know how the planet was before mankind.

It’s just so boring the way life moves and no matter how I want to believe there is something to keep me going, doubts never seem to let me be.

All in all — I’m just curious.

Curious to know… what do dinosaurs smell of. <-__->lll

Do they smell like beef? Or rubber? <.___.>


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Blogging to you at the moment is a sheep who is filled with nostalgia about her hometown. <´•ω•`>

Weeks ago I took some days off to visit PJ, the place where I spent my youthful days on all kinds of adventures.

Of course many things have changed over time — the roads, houses, environment.. The dogs that I used to play with are definitely long gone as well. (Tears)

However there are a few things that remains there, such as this bridge. ↓

You see before that bridge was built, we had to cross over the main road to get to the other side. It’s a 2-way road with a total of 6 lanes.

Back then, there were no dividers as seen above and it was pretty normal for people to cross over to get to KDU college or Atria, a shopping complex. Despite how dangerous and regularly depended it was, nobody ever brought up the idea of building a bridge there.


2 tiny girls got involved in a road accident. 

These girls were around 10 years old and they forced themselves to run across the 6 lane road. One of them hesitated the last minute in the middle of the road and a motorcyclist who was speeding panicked but somehow managed to evade the girls.

The girl who was about to get run over fainted out of fear in the midst of the busy road. If that wasn’t enough, a truck was approaching and did not seem to notice the girls on the road. The other girl who could not lift her friend up could only stretch out her hands in defense, waving and yelling for the truck to stop. 

The passer-bys were screaming along and some ran to the road to help the girls. Good thing the truck driver saw the commotion ahead and stopped before hitting the girls.

The girls were unharmed and I know this for sure because…

I was one of those brats. (Laughs)

You see it started like this.

My friend and I usually go to Atria, Damansara in the morning and come back in the afternoon. However that day, although we already went to Atria earlier, we did not have enough money to buy that Digimon toy.

You know? That little brick toy with 3 buttons, make a hell lot of beeping sounds? Yea, we couldn’t wait another day to get our hands on that. And at that time, we were strangers to this thing called ‘Procrastination’. We only know ‘spur of the moment’ and the meaning of now, now, and NOW! 

So even though it was 3pm+ which we usually considered too late and too hot to go over to Atria, we just could not wait and had to go. 

Then the accident happened, was brought to a clinic, got scolded by parents, next day somehow got hold of our Digimons and the next week — we saw the bridge taking shape. 

The neighborhood kids were happy about the bridge because we could then cross over without the fear of going under the tires. Most importantly, parents had no more reasons to stop us from visiting Toyz Bar, where there was Pokemon cards and stuff.

Although we thought it was stupid of the committee to locate the bridge so far out, we were grateful nonetheless.

Today, I am not sure if people still use that bridge to cross over as most people have cars (and too lazy), but it’s still there and hopefully no dumb kids will ever attempt to cross that damn road.

[ . . . ]

I wonder if there are beggars seeking refuge on that bridge though. (Laughs)