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Changes or The Same?

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Sheep is so bored right now and thought sheep should update PaperDiaries however with this empty head of mine — There is just no brain juice flowing out to my fingertips! (Tears)

Having that said, please pardon the poorly constructed words and thoughts!

Life has been rather kind to me as I have zero problems at home and at work in which I am thankful to be spared from unnecessary dramas. However at times I do wish for something dramatic to happen rather than an uneventful life because from happenings, you actually learn and get something out from it. Even a mistake as an outcome is welcomed because an empty result is plain and useless.

For instance you conduct a science experiment with 2 different specimens to observe their reaction to a chemical of the same substance. At the end of the experiment, Subject A reacts to the chemical while Subject B remains as in the initial stage.

Now here, we all will be captivated differently. You may be amazed by the changes in Subject A because of the drastic reconstruction caused by a single chemical. While I on the other hand is fascinated at how Subject B can remain the way it was despite the mixture and stay unaffected.

I guess we can apply this ‘theory’ on people, do you agree?

You will definitely have friends who changes over time as well as some of those who are still the way they are. Be it environment, lifestyle or events that shaped them — there will always be an outcome.

Some of us admire the changes in our friends. From a quiet guy to an extremely bold and outspoken person. We surely take notice of such transformation. Of course it depends on what kind of changes one undergoes; positive or negative.

As above, a timid introvert who begins to speak out his beautiful thoughts is a positive change… Unless he becomes a condescending who insults people then yea, that is a negative whereby you are giving up your good traits to be immoral. In other words, like a fallen angel.

So think about it. Do you know of anyone who had changed drastically and one who is the same old same old individual?

Which attracts you the most?

Do you find that people who don’t transform to be dull and uninteresting?

I give you some time to flash back, okee?

On my side, I do know a few who became different individuals from before in both positive and negative perspective.

I do salute the ones who has changed for the better however, what I think I am attracted to are those who can stay the way they have always been. Especially those who possessed really good traits and values. I think it is amazing how these people can preserve themselves from influences and confusions. No matter what happens, they stay the same and that is what I would say — truly pure hearted.

Gossips and rumours are always breeding among people, in attempt to create enemies and ill thoughts among each other. You may have been a victim to this whereby your friend discourages you from befriending this girl. She tells you how bad that other girl is and always updating you her supposedly misdeeds. You have never actually spoken to that girl but you trust your friend so you took her advice and have vicious thoughts of her.

And when you finally get to know this girl, you realized how much of a good person she is and how things could have been different for both of you if only you were not influenced by your friend.

Derailing from the topic? No. People become different with such influences.

Enough about my output. And you — snap out of your flash back and tell me something! (Laughs)

Do you like people who changes? Or one who does not?
What kind of changes do you admire? Which part of ourselves should we preserve?
Do you think you have changed?
Ne? Ne? *pesters*

PS: Sorry for the lack of visual aid. Sheep is using her iPad to blog and am not literate with HTML.

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