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Mood: Dumb

Oisu~o grando minna-san~!

This is Ms Aya who last night ran out of shampoo and thought….. <´•ω•`> ↓

… resorting to dog shampoo was a good idea… ↓

.. in which thankfully — left my hair undamaged and… actually pretty good. (Laughs)

It doesn’t make you smell entirely like a dog and it could easily pass off as any regular shampoo. <^-^>/

No shit! It is better than to accidentally use body wash on your hair!  <≥A≤>/ (is one who can never have body soap on her hair)

Anyway, because my house is really out of shampoo and my mother refuses to use Auwlithe’s shampoo, I had to drag myself out to fetch and then to only return with …. ↓

[ . . . ]

A damn shower cream… 

[ . . . ]

Can someone please pinch my cheeks? <-____->lll

That said — Another round of dog shampoo, anyone?