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Redness Go Away!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Blushing!

If you read my biodata, you will know that red is one of my favorite colors. 

I like the shade of crimson on many things be it clothes, books, ribbons… and bodies. (Grins)

It is a very pretty and beautiful color that makes a strong and bold statement.

However — I really wish upon a merciful star that my skin redness can just go away! <´•__•`>

As some of you may know by now (from my previous entries or personal encounter with sheep), I tend to blush very easily and it isn’t the kind of blush which one may consider as ‘cute’ and such a darling.

My blushes flare up like some drunkard intoxicated redneck with skin diseases and about to burst into flames.

I hope this hideous and exaggerating description of mine is one of my many bias and self-depreciating perceptions however I fear.. that most people are actually seeing me as unsightly as I see myself to be.

Now.. sheep needs no alcohol or any other adrenaline consumption to burn up — It just happens. Whether I am talking to a guy OR girl, family members and even to my dog. You may say my body betrays my mind in the sense that I could be thinking of something embarrassing and my redness somehow reveals my thoughts. (Strange thing is I still blush to anyone or anything even when I have no affection for that person/object. What the jellybeans, nay???)

Also sometimes I am shy or just got back from under the sun hence the blushes.

But it’s really getting out of hand! 

The worst part is when I blush, people have the tendency to point out and ask (whatever the firetruck for..) and it throws me into a panic state which increases the redness!

As mentioned before, it’s like a peninsular surfacing my face! (Cries)

This has been an ongoing issue — most problematic and uncontrollable issue with no solution. 

Since when?

Back in school!

I am always breaking away from communication with people just to cool down and regain my composure. It’s really sucky and that makes me admire people who can keep their cool and never change their colors at all!


Sheep has tried googling for a solution but to no avail. All I have gotten are sites speaking in Scientific terms as though I am having herpes plus ending with a ‘deal-with-it’ attitude.

I guess — I should be like an ostrich; dig a hole and hide my head beneath the ground whenever I feel the heat. <u__u>

(Sigh) Do any of you have the same problem or at one stage feel — THE SHAME OF BLUSHING?

Blushing in shame is one thing but this — is the shame OF blushing…

How can one overcome and seal our redness? (Cries)

PS: Sheep is supposed to write a review on her Samsung Galaxy SII, no? Well I think it’s long over due and you fellas must have lost interest in it. So forget about it and let’s move on, ok? Should you have any questions regarding the phone and apps, you may still ask sheep though. I — am your friendly customer service. <^-^>/ (Smiles)

People and Mobile Phones

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Annoyed

Hay everyone!

An entry here just to relief myself of this matter regarding people and their mobile phones.

For LITE.FM listeners, you may have heard a message (from Zack, if not mistaken) about how people are so glued to their phones that they no longer pay attention to an actual person across them?

Even if you have not heard of this message, I am sure you are well aware about how most people are so obsessed with their phones, texting away and leaving for their partner or family staring obliviously at the floor.

We see this happening everywhere, young and old — in malls, cafes, restaurants, while lining up to buy things and even at home, you may be talking to your sibling about something cool to later find you were exuding to the wall for this entire time. So yes, mobile phones are stealing attention from our loved ones.

That said, clearly we find this manner to be bad and rude correct? And that people should look up and realize how much we have sank in to our little high-tech brick; lost in Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp.

Well I used to think it is wrong of us to be engrossed with our phones to the point of neglecting genuine communication with real people and I stood by the principle of keeping my phone out of reach when hanging out with others.

Until… One day I found a reason to justify playing with phones regardless of how the other feels. I think I found out why do people bury their heads into their phones.

It’s simple: Your friend SUCKS. Your partner SUCKS. Your mum SUCKS.

All they ever talk about is how they are treated unfairly, why the other table who came later got their food first, how annoyed they are about their friends and family, why is the weather so hot (or wet), how much the food stinks and the list of whines and complaints goes on — endlessly!

If you are one to enjoy negative conversation and bitching, then this is pleasing to your ears.

However for me and some of you, it’s a bloody pain to the ears especially since this kind of conversation — rephrase: one-sided conversation is unhealthy and tends to loop.

I know most of us are too coward to tell our noisy friend to stfu therefore what are we to do?

Either we set our minds offline and nod ourselves silly to their every word, counter them with positiveness (which is like an attempt to kill Nemesis with a butter knife ) or simply — have yourself occupied with your phone.

Because reading books isn’t enough to shield you from your lousy friend who doesn’t seem to know when to quit yakking and drink some water already.

All this having said — I so get it why do some people meddle with their phones and refuse to interact in person. It’s all because of the other’s self-absorb, ever self praising and loads of complaints are just major turn offs.

The thing is — those people don’t get it when you try and tell them about their attitude and how their negativity psychos you. Their skull is too thick and covered with layers of ‘me, me, me and me’ hence we just give up and sort entertainment and relaxation elsewhere i.e our phones.

Now as much as I have stated above, I do think for certain cases some people are seriously nuts with their phones that sometimes the opposites are not to be blamed. That is obviously, bad manners and rude.

But otherwise, do think why you’re more interested in your phone — or why your friend is more interested in hers.

Obviously, there is something going on but neither one of you can fess up.

[ . . . ]

Time to nap and relinquish the voices of nags and whines from my head now.

Perhaps next time I should be bold enough to wear a headphone and blast away some Tokio Hotel songs when facing people who is born a mouth entirely.