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Spinning 360 Degrees

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Lightning zapped modem and had to configure the new modem.

I think I have mentioned before how much of an idiot I am when it comes to troubleshooting right?

Well it drove me nuts… ↓

[ was spinning rapidly at the beginning but slowed down when uncle recorded]

After much effort and patience, my Internet is back on~!

Hell yeah!

Take that! 

[ . . . ]

Sheep is being lame yo ne? <-___->lll

Hisashiburi Da Na?

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Good day, everyone~♥!

This is your retarded sheep, Ms Aya who has not been reporting to you faithfully.  <´•ω•`>↓

( ↑ Can one consider the above as double eyelids OR one and a half? Mmm… ) 

First and foremost, I wish everyone a very happy and glorious new year. Another year means a mere repetition of the previous years’ festival and celebrations. Well anyway, nothing so great happened during my long absence from PaperDiaries.

Just to let you know currently I am using Samsung Galaxy SII~. ↓

However should you have any questions about using a Blackberry Bold 9780, Samsung Star and Ice-cream phone — I suppose I can still provide you some answers therefore, feel free to ask away. <^_^>/

So regarding my review on the Samsung Galaxy SII, please give me another 2 weeks (or more) to post it because I am still very noobish with the phone.

For now, I can spare a few comments though.

Plus Side:

  1. Lots of cool and free apps on the Google Market.
  2. For users who wishes to type Japanese characters with their phone — SII gives you the pleasure of doing so.
  3. 2 cameras – Primary 8 megapixels (back of the phone) and Secondary 2 megapixels (Front).
  4. Customize-friendly themes
  5. Fun-to-use phone.

Down Side:

  1. The apps has the tendency to run on their own in the background resulting battery drainage.
  2. Can be quite difficult to type and need a lot of practice.
  3. Lousy camera quality — Looks rich and vibrant on your phone screen but otherwise when transferred to computers.
  4. Managing and moving files is troublesome. It’s much easier to manage when plugging into your PC.
  5. The phone has to be switched on at all times if you want your alarm clock to ring.

There you have it, 10 things to point out about the Samsung Galaxy SII.

Sheep shall go into detail and share some info on certain apps as said — hopefully 2 weeks from now.

Moving on…

Here is a rather spur of the moment decision I made in the beginning of January~

Permanent tattoo~! <´v`>/~~

I have been playing with the idea of getting a permanent tattoo since high school but never gotten serious about it. Until some time ago when I thought of drawing a character with some magical inscription on her feet that enables her to walk along the sky — only then I thought about tattoos.

The tattoo artist helped me with the design since I couldn’t really design on my own. I chose to put my star sign (a proud Gemini) and the sun and moon to symbolize a balance of masculinity and feminism. Despite that I rather have wind as my symbol for it represents Geminis accurately, it would be hard to fathom the shape at a glance.

Anyway… So how does it feel like to have your skin tattooed?

Well it feels like a vibrating blade drawing on your skin. No heat felt, just cutting into your skin. 

They say the pain is measured by which part of your body and how many needles are used. For solid parts such as feet, the pain is mere and bearable. As for the fleshy parts.. (Laughs)

I’d say — The pain is bearable. The thing that kills would be the itch. 

Yes.. The itchiness is unbearable in my opinion, especially since you are not allowed to scratch or rub for at least 3 weeks. 

You see.. that is exactly what is slowing me from finishing this blog entry. I am struggling to type with one hand because the other is smacking the itchiness away. 

Oh goodness I feel like a damn masochist enjoying the beatings inflicted on my foot. (Laughs) 

Damn it!

Sheep shall write more to you guys in the comments section IF you all do stop by. 

[ . . . ]

*smacks smacks smacks*