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Good morning, everyone~!

This is Ms Aya who is wishing to juggle 2 jobs!

I think it’s cool to hold down 2 jobs at the same time. Double the experience and double the income!

However having a second job is out of the question at the moment because I have already signed a contract with my current work place and they strictly disallow ‘traitors’. <;__;> (Tears)

Unless I secretly take up another job and to make sure my cover does not get blown; perhaps working as a mascot is the safest? ↓


A&W bear!

(Laughs nervously)

Working in a huge ass and itchy costume is definitely not one’s dream job however I think it’s a fun thing to do — for a short period of time of course. <^-^>

I want to experience working as a mascot for kicks and giggles and yes, I am quite serious about this! XD

Besides my colleagues won’t recognize me in the suit therefore it’s safe and totally out of the radar kind of job. <^v^>/

I have not thought of which mascot to try out yet. Perhaps working in a theme park would be fun. ↓


Sunway Lagoon’s Blue bird ↑


Then again Sunway Lagoon is in KL… Too far! <≥A≤>/

Anyway, I’m planning to take up some odd jobs in KL once my current contract expires — that is in 2013. <´•__•`>

Mascot is one of them and the other is … ↓


.. to work as a waitress in a Maid Cafe~~♥! <^v^>/


Well… I will blog more on this next time because — I’m at work now and people won’t leave me alone! <TAT> (Tears)

De wa.. <.__.>

Question: Have any of you worked as a mascot or at a maid cafe? Please do share your experience! Is it fun or a “Hell NAW! That job sucks!?”

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1.  Z Luther
December 8th, 2011 at 6:08 pm

sheep o sheep where art thou? havent contact u in awhile! drop me a reply by mail will yea? =D

2.  Dino-chan
December 10th, 2011 at 8:02 am

2 years contract? ;( ahhh Hate such employment.

I never experienced working under a costume nor mascot. As I remember, is about CIMB mascot. Is octopus am I right?

The mascot was super cute and huge, the person who wore it was a guy…. I saw his tired face when he removed the octopus head LOL

I remember my friend telling me is tired because is stuffy inside (mascot). Especially, no one does dry cleaning on the mascot….ugh you can imagine the smells…..

Unless Sheep be clown? Is all about make up hee hee…but you have to smile all the time…..tired da ne?

3.  Ms Aya
December 19th, 2011 at 10:29 am

Dear Zedes

Sheep is always here and on Twitter. :D


Dear Dino-chan

Desuka? Osoroshii mitai yo ne?
Demo ne, omoshiroi to o kangaemasu! XD

Nanka CHALLENGE ga arimasu nara.

And yes, contracted employment sucks. Really robs you of your freedom and totally utilizes you in any way!

Clown ka? Yada na. It’ll be funny to have a big red nose! I think it’ll be nice if sheep can go as a sheep. XD

Dino-chan wa dou? Genki desu ka? ^^ Sorry for not tweeting and replying you much.


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