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Look at this damage, man! <`A´>/ ↓

I did not crash the car with my amateur skills.

Story short:

Mother drove our car (alone) and some dumb ass motorcyclist persisted in speeding forth despite that she has signaled to move in the right lane.

Mum stopped the car to let him go and of course the fucker went ahead but somehow he lost his balance and skidded his bike.

Bastard not happy; Gestured my mother to get out of the car but she refused judging from his violent action and he then proceeded to smashing our windscreen with his helmet.

Not sure if the other motorcyclists were in the same gang but anyway, they committed the same act by vandalizing our car by kicking and hitting the sides. 

[ . . . ]

And the fucker who is in need of serious anger management had the cheek to take a picture of my mother in the car. 

[ . . . ]

Nobody helped my mother. 

[ . . . ]

Although my mother has already made a police report and the inspector is on the case…

I hope…

I really hope… 

These uneducated and uncultured assholes will get multiple cuts in their throats each time they eat as though they are choking on glasses and metals. 

In addition each time they drink, may they sip the awful taste of sweaty prisoner’s balls down their throat! 


If given a chance to put a curse on such shitass load of motherfucking cock and shit people —  What torment would you suggest?

Because I don’t think swallowing glass and tasting sweaty bawls is good enough. 

Let’s be genuine sadist, people!

*has pleasure in hurting bad people* 

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1.  Isabellmiao
December 1st, 2011 at 8:13 pm

OMG! CRAZY FELLAS!!! i’m glad your mom is okay..

2.  Pittan
December 2nd, 2011 at 1:17 am

Omg, why are there so many stupid people on earth?! (` A ´)
I’m also glad that your mother is okay (´ w `) Good that she has stayed in the car.

3.  Niwishi Nogu
December 2nd, 2011 at 9:17 am

Sort of same thing happened to my aunt…except i was in the car, and the bastard, and his girlfriend(supposed) smashed the windshield with their helmets. To make matters worse they wouldn’t leave, and we were in the middle of nowhere (lee County), with no friendly people around. The however the problem was resolved when my cousins(3) in the backseat stepped out the car with their baseball bats. I’ve never been so grateful for having to go to a baseball game.

4.  Ms Aya
December 4th, 2011 at 1:20 pm

Dear Isabell

Yea, good thing she is okay.
Instead of being shaken over the incident, she was damn pissed. XD

Brave mum… Brave mum. XD


Dear Pittan

3 reasons she chose to stay in the car:

1. She thought of helping him at first but then again, he kind of deserve it.

2. She could have given him some money as compensation but he looks like the type to demand for her whole savings. (greedy in other words).

3. The fella was behaving rather violently.

… Earth is overloaded with stupidity… Don’t want to live on this planet anymore!


Dear Niwishi

Bullies. Why did they attack your aunt? Or was it a baseless and random assault?

Well you and your family better keep a metal baseball bat in the car for self-defense!

I’m thinking of getting a large pepper spray — if possible. XD

Burn, baby, burn! XD


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