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Mood: Bored!

Good morning, everyone~!

This is Ms Aya who is wishing to juggle 2 jobs!

I think it’s cool to hold down 2 jobs at the same time. Double the experience and double the income!

However having a second job is out of the question at the moment because I have already signed a contract with my current work place and they strictly disallow ‘traitors’. <;__;> (Tears)

Unless I secretly take up another job and to make sure my cover does not get blown; perhaps working as a mascot is the safest? ↓


A&W bear!

(Laughs nervously)

Working in a huge ass and itchy costume is definitely not one’s dream job however I think it’s a fun thing to do — for a short period of time of course. <^-^>

I want to experience working as a mascot for kicks and giggles and yes, I am quite serious about this! XD

Besides my colleagues won’t recognize me in the suit therefore it’s safe and totally out of the radar kind of job. <^v^>/

I have not thought of which mascot to try out yet. Perhaps working in a theme park would be fun. ↓


Sunway Lagoon’s Blue bird ↑


Then again Sunway Lagoon is in KL… Too far! <≥A≤>/

Anyway, I’m planning to take up some odd jobs in KL once my current contract expires — that is in 2013. <´•__•`>

Mascot is one of them and the other is … ↓


.. to work as a waitress in a Maid Cafe~~♥! <^v^>/


Well… I will blog more on this next time because — I’m at work now and people won’t leave me alone! <TAT> (Tears)

De wa.. <.__.>

Question: Have any of you worked as a mascot or at a maid cafe? Please do share your experience! Is it fun or a “Hell NAW! That job sucks!?”