Cars For Sale?

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Ever since I begun driving, I sort of grew an interest in cars — well… only 2 models has caught my eyes; mini cooper and 3 door Suzuki mini jeep (Vitara).

At the moment I cannot afford to buy a car. Perhaps even in time to come, I may only afford a second hand car.

So whenever I drive out, I catch myself browsing through the Second-Hand-Cars For Sale workshop and wonder how much my dream car costs.

A Mini Cooper is beyond my earning capabilities but a Suzuki Vitara is much more a far fetch because the model is old and harder to find. Unless I jacked one however the chances of it being a manual is high and that sucks!

(Sighs) There’s this place that has many Suzuki Vitaras and Mini Coopers on display — But I found out that the place was not a workshop selling cars but a damn supermarket parking lot. <-__->lll

Dang it!

… Do you find yourself being stupid… sometimes? <-__->

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1.  尼科拉
November 27th, 2011 at 11:32 pm

go get the black ski masks, I’ll get the tools :D Then just point the Coop :D :D

2.  bubuchacha
November 30th, 2011 at 2:15 am

Ahaha! the parking lot is a good place if you wanna go scouting for a car! Try the drive thru ms aya! its like a free car show everytime!

I love mini cooper also! Watch Mark Whalberg’s movie, Italian Job! the mini cooper were used as a racing car there

3.  Ms Aya
December 4th, 2011 at 1:12 pm

Dear Chinese Writing Name

Let’s do this! XD

*proceeds without planning escape route* :p


Dear BubuChacha

I went to the drivethrough for Starbucks not long ago. I was the only motorist that day but it felt good! XD To be able to chillax in the car than to queue along with people who can’t stand in line.

Italian Job! I did not get to watch the show but according to my mum, it’s a cool movie. So each time I mention Mini Cooper, she must go on to rave about that movie.

Hahaha, you like Mini Coopers too? Which model? The older ones or the latest one (with a broad butt! XD)?


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