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Today is a holiday for all Johorians because it is our Sultan’s birthday~☆!

Now I understand how it feels to look forward and savvy the day off!

Before, holidays had little effect on me (except the roads — Holidays equate to jam and fully booked parking lots!)

With that said, it’s a holiday and right now it’s noon with still many hours of freedom before heading back to Hell Hole. I’m so eager to do the many things that I could not do such as drawing, playing games, reading, Youtubing, bullying Auwlithe and so on. (It’s true! When you’re working, you either have little time or no mood to carry out your hobbies!)

Anyway after much contemplation on whether I should play God (meaning The Sims) or get in tune with art (or Rockband 3), I have decided to… ↓

Take a long nap. <—ω—>/

[ . . . ]

I am going to waste my day hibernating in my mother’s room. <´•ω•`>

… It just seems like the number one thing my mind and body wants at the moment… To just sleep! (Laughs)

What a waste to let such a nice day go by and not making use of the time wisely to accomplish other things?

Well hay, at the very least — I blogged, didn’t I? <^ε^>/

[ . . . ]

A few links to share before my comatose takes effect. <-__-> ↓

For those who appreciate art~☆ ↓

And for the absolute retards~☆ ↓

Watch their videos!

Sheep is done for the day! <^v^>/

PS: Sheep is sleeping in her mother’s room because there seem to be a fat ass rat roaming in sheep’s room. The motherfucking rat had the nerve and guts to rip off one of my precious soft toy — TWICE! … And yea, it scares me so I’m gonna camp in my mum’s room until it goes away… <´•__•`>

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1.  Pittan
November 23rd, 2011 at 3:01 am

haha I can understand you! Sleeping is the best~ ♪(ノ´∀`*)ノ


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