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New Neighbour!? Phuck NO!

Posted by: Ms Ayain Ms Aya's Papers

Mood: Annoyed

Oh no! 

Fucken scheiss! 

You know? The house on my right that has been empty for over a year? 

Last night some people just moved in and this makes me so uneasy! 

It sucks because all this while, there was so much room for us. By that, I mean some privacy for us to talk among ourselves without uninvited listeners.

Plus — no judgmental dumbstruck stares and that ‘I wonder what is she working as’ look. 

(Sigh) If only I can summon a ghost to that house to scare them shitless.. Pretty much like the villains in Scooby Doo. They frighten people off the premises with a gorilla or a pirate captain costume for the purpose of their selfish benefits. (Laughs) ↓

Baa… Well… <u__u>

Ok.. It’s unreasonable of me to rant over their existence next door because they have yet to commit any annoying and shitty offenses. 

They may turn out to be really nice and pleasant neighbours however I am hoping they live at least — *3 firetrucks away from us.

Get what I’m saying?

The thing about most houses in Malaysia is that they are close to each other as in — literally next door; as close as next room.

It’s unlike the houses in the States whereby there are wide gaps. The houses there are situated individually.

While it’s cool that my house is not literally glued to the next house, I still feel my privacy is vulnerable. Furthermore, Malaysians are very busybodies. Spying is their favourite hobby (next to Facebooking; otherwise why do you think they have so much to update?)

Urgh! The violation!

Oh well…

Looks like from now onwards, I have to hang dry my panties elsewhere…

That said — Do you like having neighbours next door or super close by? If no, what would you resort to just to get rid of them?

* I’m bad in unit measurement so pardon my poor reference.

PS: Haha… I sound like a jerk in this entire blog post. Yeaaaa~