A Boy Named John

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Once upon a time, there was this boy named John who lives nearby my house. 

I don’t exactly remember when my brother and I befriended him but it was definitely at the time I was half the height I am today.

Friendly, helpful, handy and polite — These traits of his stood out nonetheless. I would say — John made a fine example of a typical boy scout. (Laughs)

He wasn’t dashing and handsome in my opinion however, John certainly possessed strong and rare qualities of a fine and chivalry boy. In addition, he was skillful and talented. Computer literate, resourceful and heck — He could even repair cars! <OAO>!!!

One time, my uncle’s car had problems and John, who always circled the neighborhood on his navy blue and yellow bicycle saw my uncle struggling with the engine and stopped to have a look.

The 12 year old (or younger…perhaps) studied the car engine, tweaked around with the wrench and voila — The engine came back to life! <OAO>!!!

My uncle was so amazed and indeed, impressed! <OAO>

John has helped my brother in configuring his computer and sometimes, fix my bicycle.

There were several times he accompanied me when I had to walk to the sundry shop alone. Although it was nearby, he would be on his bicycle and we will chat about the happenings in our neighborhood.

I admit, I had not been so nice to John and I remember being rude and bratty towards him for absolutely no reason.

However, I shall never forget this good deed of his. <´•ω•`> 

One day, the girls were planning to make a tree house. I had planks and some materials in my house that we could use but I needed help to carry over to the playground.

The girls were eager to set up the house but were unwilling to do the labor.

So I thought if I were to carry the tools and planks over, we could start setting the tree house.

As I was dragging the planks out of my house, John stopped by and asked what the heck am I up to. In excitement, I told him about the tree house plan and then…

He got off his bicycle and said to leave everything to him.

Well.. he really meant EVERYTHING.

He transferred the necessary tools and materials.. Even used some of his own and begun setting the tree house for us.

I helped out a little bit but the girls did not do much. Instead, they bossed John around and instructed him to do many stupid things.

Very unkind of the girls, agree?

Besides the girls (and myself), I find his parents to be too rude and strict on him.

John hardly spoke of his family and when I happened to see them, they were either scolding John for helping people or coming home after 7p.m.

As John’s parents, they should be proud of his talents and capabilities.


John managed to build the tree house for us and we had lots of fun with it.

There were a couple of times the tree house fell apart because some hooligans came over and vandalized it. Also partly because the tree house could not carry too many kids.

So John helped by repairing until the day we decided that the tree house will forever be vandalized and eventually grew out of it. (Laughs)

Thereafter when I became 12, I hardly spoken to John as I had new friends (Fe and Nic.. ‘Yokey and Humming Bird’).

We traded ‘Hellos’ each time we met but when I got into high school, I saw him even less.

John was rarely seen cycling around.

My neighborhood friends actually begun to fade and by the time I left my home town for good, suddenly everyone seemed like strangers.

I remember saying goodbye to Humming Bird and Yokey, some of my brother’s friends who watched over me but — I don’t recall bidding farewell to John.

My brother may have spoken to him though.

Perhaps I was too busy having a heart break over my crush who never seem to take notice of my existence.

Speaking of crushes, I never had a crush on John.

And right now I am questioning myself — WHY?

Why did I not feel for this boy whom actually bother about me? I knew he liked 1 of the neighbor girls and it never bothered me (In fact, I teased John about this) however, I’m just wondering why I missed such a good person.

In any case, I have no regrets for not having that butterfly-in-yo-stomach feeling. I’m just happy I had at least gotten a chance to know and befriend a very good boy.

There’s no news on John’s whereabouts and it’s hard to search for him (unless he is still staying in that house; the brown gate which he and his father painted!).

I really wish the best for him and that he still possess those admirable and golden qualities of his.

John’s good image is preserved in my mind and heart.

My mother and I were talking about the kids in the old neighborhood and we spoke about John. I told mum how nice and kind he was towards me.

So now.. I tell you with an honest and grateful heart — About a boy named John.

[ . . . ] 

[ . . . ] 


Uh … Please bear in mind that John is NOT DEAD. 

(Laughs nervously) This post certainly sounds like a memoir or one of those mourning speech for the dead however — NO!!! I think… he is still alive. John is 1 year my senior and … Yea… He should be alive… <—ω—>


Suppose I could ever see him once more, I would like to express my gratitude and respect for giving me a beautiful childhood memory to recollect and smile upon. <u__u>

(Laughs) Oh well… Are you feeling sentimental just like me? Thinking and reminiscing about some people who crossed your path and left a deep and meaningful impression?

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1.  Mei
October 13th, 2011 at 8:54 am

Yes, I believe I’m feeling as sentimental as you. Seriously, you should consider making a biography of your life. I always find myself interested when reading your blog.

That’s nice how you met someone as kind as John. It’s hard to find guys like that nowadays. But yeah, he kind of reminds me of an old friend I had in the 6th grade.

I moved in about the 5th grade and I was still awkward in 6th. She was in my art class and we somehow became friends. I always looked forward to art class because of her. She was so nice and understanding to me.

When we moved to the 7th grade, we barely saw each other. Occasionally, we greeted each other in the hallway but that was it. After that I never saw her again but by then I became comfortable with strangers and didn’t really think about it.

Now that I look back on it, I wish that we could see each other again someday. She really helped me through some tough times.

Fortunately, I found out she moved to a different school. Of course, I found out through Facebook when she sent me a friend request. But we still don’t talk to each other like we used to. I don’t go Facebook that often. I only have it as a way to communicate with some school clubs.

Anyway, although she’s not around anymore, she’s part of the reason that I was able to get out of my awkwardness. Owl deserves most of the credit but that girl deserves it as much as she does. :)

2.  Ms Aya
October 18th, 2011 at 6:51 pm

Dear Mei

It’s sad that some friends you thought were going to be in your life for a long time only stays for a short while. Yet your encounter with them has such a big impact to your life!

For John, as much as I would like to know how he is faring in life, I think I’ll let it continue keep in suspense because I am afraid he might be so different from how I used to picture him. In other words, I do not want to dampen his good image that’s left in my memory. XD

Seriously, you should consider making a biography of your life. I always find myself interested when reading your blog.

Mweh. Everyone has interesting stories and events in their journey. It’s whether they bother to share and relate their stories. If one is to keep everything sealed in diaries, then it’s a real waste don’t you think? XD

3.  bubuchacha
November 2nd, 2011 at 12:31 pm

Wow! that John is such a interesting boy! I wonder what gotten into you and why you suddenly thought of him. I find it really intriguing though.

Did you encountered him in some sort? Or simply, out of the blue the idea just came through you?

4.  Ms Aya
November 7th, 2011 at 10:10 am

Dear BubuChaCha

Oh no, I have never crossed path with him since I left the neighbourhood.

My mother and brother were talking about a friend from the same neighbourhood and then we begun listing down the people we knew.

That’s how John came to mind. XD

5.  bubuchacha
November 7th, 2011 at 12:18 pm

Oh so thats how it happened!

I hope ul see him one of these days :)

6.  Ms Aya
November 7th, 2011 at 9:45 pm

Dear BubuChaCha

Well it’d be nice to see him again if he is still the same John.

As mentioned, I’m afraid his changes may distort my initial impression and respect for him. I hope to preserve the good image I have on him for as long as I can. XD

Perhaps encountering a guy like him would be great, don’t you agree? :D

7.  bubuchacha
November 19th, 2011 at 6:39 pm

It is indeed! As the time goes by people change drastically, I hope it wont be that disappointing when you happen to ran across him again!


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