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Oisu, minna-hun!

Remember my worries about wearing earplugs? ↓

Do recall (or re-read!) — I mentioned something about having them stuck in the ears?

After going back and forth on the matter, looks like I won’t be using my new earplugs after all.

“What? You can’t possibly believe someone is going to smack you hard in the ears and drill those into your brain!?” だと?Nope. It’s not that I don’t want to — I CAN’T! 


It’s broken… 

[ . . . ]


I came home after work and found the earplugs missing their red caps. I knew that it was the cleaners who must have dropped my stuff while cleaning because they have damaged some of my things before.

I was flabbergasted indeed! Although I got the plugs for free, I detest damaging objects.

However what got me fumigating most was after I found out that the cleaners had also dropped my PSP! 

You see, I wrapped the earplugs around my PSP so if they had dropped the earplugs hard enough to break off the caps, what more my PSP?

Heart thumping and fingers crossed, I switched on and there it was — the Sony start-up; whenever you remove and put back your battery display — that start-up!  (ok, Sony’s Start-up is not as alarming as the Blue Screen of Death but anyway..)

I also noticed the back of my PSP was quite dirty. 


How angry! 


Well fortunately my PSP is working fine but I guess the next time those cleaners are scheduled to come over, I’m going to hide my PSP (and other valuable stuff)!

You surely dislike it when people drop or break your stuff, right?

As angry as I am towards the cleaners, I forgive them. I doubt they did it on purpose. They were probably rushing and had so many things to handle hence must have gotten clumsy.

There are those who are truly clumsy and accident prone which I can pardon however, I don’t share such mercy towards people who break and ruined other’s goods on purpose.

What kind of people do you think enjoy breaking other people’s stuff?

I’d say — Jealous people


Jealous people — They envy other’s prize possession so much and because they are incompetent, they choose to sabotage and ruin things to gain pleasure instead of proving their worth in a morally manner.

You may have encountered or heard along the lines of “Wow, you are so lucky to have this. It’s beautiful. I wish I also have this — *drops* Whoops! It’s broken.. Sorry!”

They do not offer to compensate but instead walks away without remorse and may have also bragged about the ‘accident’.

Those kind of people — should just break down into ions and molecules for all I care! 

Despicable, despicable assclowns.

A quick point out: I truly think that jealousy is the ugliest form ever because it drives people to do many unthinkable and despicable actions.

The way jealous people carry themselves and how they look whenever they cringe upon learning someone elses’ fortune and all… There’s no beauty in their faces and actions.

I could emphasize however this entry has come to its halt.

Perhaps another time we shall discuss about the nature of jealousy.

For the time being, you can put some thoughts into this and… let’s work hard and be good people ok? <^-^*>/

Baa~ <^ω^>

Because working hard and kindness makes anyone regardless of age and shape look beautiful~

PS: Who here thinks it’s about damn time sheep should update her profile picture? → Or should sheep just leave it be? Whatcha think? <.__.>