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Ear Plugs or Head Phones?

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Good day, minna-hun~!

I bought a new PSP slim and got a reasonable deal; inclusive of the pouch, screen protector, 2 great programs and jam as many free games as the memory card can accommodate.

I was also given a pair of free ear plugs which are kind of cute~

For as long as I know, I have been using earphones headphones instead of plugs simply because I think they are loud and cool.

However earphones headphones can be quite uncomfortable and very straining to the ears and head. With that, for a change — perhaps using earplugs is much better especially for long hours of gaming (doubt that I can play for too long though).

So out of excitement, I showed my mother the free pair of earplugs and asked if she thinks it’s cute.

“Why, that’s cute,” she said as she picked up from my hand to have a closer look.

“Looks like M&Ms right?” I grinned.

“Yes it does. So you’re going to use this when playing your PSP?”

“Yup. Of course!”

“But don’t you think it’s too small? What if someone hit you in the head and it gets stuck into your ears?” she frowned a little.

” . . . “ → 

*Imagines having the plugs in ears and accidentally falls of the bed and POP! The plugs gets stuck* 

” . . . “ →  (Shivers)

Mum gave me back the earplugs and sighed, “You better not use it…”

After she introduced me to her concern, I suddenly developed a paranoia for earplugs… Seriously!

Have you ever see or imagine this could happen to you or anybody!? By far no happenings that I have heard of but it does sound very possible.

Oh well…

The size seems like the standard size however… I never imagined such an incident may occurred but it’s too late.. The horror has been instilled. <´•___•`>

[ . . . ]

I guess… It’s best I stick to earphones headphones until this new paranoia fades away.

Anyway, which do you prefer?

Ear/headphones or earplugs? <^-^>/

And if your earplugs ever drilled into your brains by accident, how would you react? Do you think you’ll remember this post and well… My mum’s advice? (Laughs)