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The Mysterious Fish

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Beneath you’ll find a disoriented looking sheep.. along with a brush and some hair clips that I’ve not used for a very long time. (Laughs nervously)

A lot has been going on for me.. most of which were unfortunate happenings which I do not wish to speak of.

I can tell you a strange happening though.

One night, the whole neighborhood blacked out and there wasn’t much we could do other than to wait for the current to return.

While my brother and mother were talking, suddenly I heard a strange sound coming from outside.

“Pat pat pat…,” it sounded. 

The first thing that struck me was perhaps 1 of our tortoise got out of the pond. So I hurried outside and shined the torch light into the drain to check and there — I found not my green friend but a fish… A LIVE FISH – Wriggling in the shallow and dried drain.

I called my brother over to take a look and he was puzzled.

How did the fish end up in the drain? 

Even stranger… We have no such fish in our pond! 

More questions were in mind but we decided to save the fish before it dies. So my brother scooped the fish out, placed it gently into our pond and watched it come back to life.

We then scouted the house to look for any suspicions as what may have thrown or place the fish in our drain. I doubt there were anybody playing a prank on us because my brother and Auwlithe were outside most of the time. I’m very certain no one could have thrown the fish into our drain.

And here’s the thing:

  1. We don’t have a fish like that. We only have 3 red-bellied fishes and gold fishes whereas the new fin looks like one of those you have on your dinner plate.
  2. The damn thing was alive, struggling in a dried drain.

If you think this is strange, well indeed it is. However get ready for something stranger..

In less than 2 minutes, my brother and I went to check the pond to later find the fish nowhere in sight.

It disappeared. <O_o>

It just did!

We searched high and low for the mysterious fish but to no avail.

My brother could only draw out 2 explanations to this freaky happening:

  • Perhaps it’s a glitch. You know, world glitch? An error as those seen in video games.. Suddenly something that shouldn’t be there appeared and removed quickly?
  • Perhaps years from now, my brother and I used a time machine to play a prank on ourselves.

[ . . . ]

Okay… We can’t explain this… just as we can’t fathom how the fish reappeared on our lawn the next morning.. <=__=> ↓

Stupid fish… Where did you come from? 

Mood: Y~ay!

Double rainbow all the way~~!

There are 2 rainbows but the other one has slightly faded. <´•__•`> ↓

Oh well …

There you have it… Something to look at. (Laughs)

Before I go, sorry for not blogging often and replying comments. Sheep can’t seem to sit in front of the computer for long these days. <´•__•`>

Baa… <u__u>